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  1. C

    HELP with wiring my car speakers

    PLEASE..i need help wiring four door speakers( two 8 ohm and two 4 ohm speakers)to a 400 watt 4 channel (4 ohm stable)(75x4) or (2 ohm stable) (100x4) or 4 ohm stable 200 watts x 2 channels bridged....Prime Series Full Range Class D 4-Channel Car having trouble with my ohmload...
  2. Thines_1

    Subwoofer suggestions for amplifier

    Hi, i have this amplifier (Alfa Linear AL320.4) in my car, the previous owner installed it, but the subwoofer isnt working. The amp has power going through it, so its still fine. Any ideas on what subwoofers supports the amp? Not sure how to select a subwoofer for the amp since there is watts...
  3. A

    8 ohm highs for my car

    I have 4 8 ohm silk dome tweeters, I would like to mount one in each door but need to know what amp I should use. The tweets are 150 watts rms each.
  4. E

    How do I wire this?

    Im getting a equalizer and a head unit and a amplifier how do I wire all of those on a single power supply? Im so what power supply do I need?