Question Audio resolution in car audio

Jun 30, 2021
Car audio not playing HD

Okay guys need help. I have a JVC 740BT headunit in my car. This unit supports high resolution audio.

But I realised that when I am using Amazon Music HD via wired and Carplay, it's not playing at highest resolution.

I have an iPhone 12 Mini.

The headunit is capable of playing 192khz at 24 bit.

The track quality on Amazon Music HD is listed at 24 bit 96 kHz but it's playing only at my phone's capability which is 24 bit 48khz.

What do I do?

I know that Carplay is limited to 24 bit 48 kHz.. I tried using my iPhone in iPod mode via USB. Still audio is capped at above resolution. What I understood is that Carplay limits output and I need an external DAC. But since my car's headunit has a DAC and can play upto 24 bit 192 kHz.. Shouldn't me bypassing Carplay get me to reach that audio resolution...?


Contact JVC support and check with them, it's their hardware.

From the sound of things, you are playing this over your phone and then to the JVC? So of-course it will limited by what the phone can do, unless the phone sees the headunit as an external DAC. Which JVC should be able to tell you how all that should work.
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