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  1. V

    Which cell phone is best to buy?Discount for it?

    Hi everybody, I want to buy a mobile phone for entertainment and work needs. I need a machine that can raise pigs with high productivity and efficiency. Can you advise me which models can meet those requirements? If the model is too high, can I get a discount when buying? Right now I have about...
  2. D

    Solved! My phone won't turn on and screen shows nothing while charging

    I left my cell phone charging overnight and when I checked this morning the LED was blinking and the screen was black. If I plug it in again the LED wil turn on as if its charging but nothing will show on screen. Tried turning on and going into recovery mode but nothing happened. I...
  3. S

    Sharing cellphone internet to Dlink 882 router

    I have: W10 enterprise Verizon Moto G7 Power Dlink DIR-882 router I need to share the Verizon internet service to the 882 router<->users.
  4. R

    Started Recieving My Voicemails In Email And Not My Phone!?

    Hey guys! So I was not sure where the best place to post this question to on the forms, and if admins believe there's a better spot to ask this question would you be able to move it over for me? Thanks! Anyways, here is my actual situation and question. I am tracking a FedEx package that is set...
  5. MrTuRtLe03

    Flashing custom ROM on phone

    Hello everyone! I want to flash a custom ROM on my phone, a Galaxy S 3 i9300 (I have done this dozens of times before, but never with a cell phone. Usually just tablets and such). Would this affect my carrier or anything. My carrier is US Cellular, and the phone is in working condition with a...