Started Recieving My Voicemails In Email And Not My Phone!?


Dec 2, 2017
Hey guys! So I was not sure where the best place to post this question to on the forms, and if admins believe there's a better spot to ask this question would you be able to move it over for me? Thanks!

Anyways, here is my actual situation and question. I am tracking a FedEx package that is set to arrive tomorrow. For some reason I recieved a few voice messages containing shipping information/updates in my email, and I never recieved the voice messages on my actual phone. I currently am using an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10+ on AT&T's network. Quite randomly I seem to be getting voice messages not on my phone, but in my email from "YouMail"? I may have downloaded this YouMail application in the past but the application is currently not even installed on my phone, and I haven't changed any of my settings recently that would have changed how I recieve voice messages on my phone. I just want to make sure my voicemails go through my voicemail app and not this YouMail app that I don't have installed! If anyone has insight into this and the YouMail app, and how I can get rid of it, I would be eternally grateful!! Cheers!

"There are several ways to get the codes and cancel properly:

  1. Cancel your YouMail account on the web by clicking this link and following the onscreen instructions. Please note that this will permanently delete all voicemail messages, greetings, contact information, and anything else you have on YouMail.

  2. If the app is on your phone, you use a simple setting in the app to return to carrier voicemail without cancelling your account:

    iPhone – Tap the Menu button (☰) on the top left, Open the Settings menu in the top right of the Menu, Select Return to Carrier’s Voicemail and Follow instructions on screen.

    Android – Tap the Menu button (☰) on the top left, Tap Settings, then Activate/Deactivate, Select Return to Carrier Voicemail, Select Yes, return my voicemail to my carrier.

    After you confirm that your carrier voicemail is working again, you can delete the YouMail app.

  3. If you’ve already deleted the app, you have to dial a code directly into your phone to return to your carrier voicemail. Look at the table below, and dial the code listed next to your carrier to deactivate YouMail. If it doesn’t work, just dial 611 (on your wireless phone) and ask to return to carrier voicemail. It should only take a minute or two.
Call The Following Code or Codes Specific to your Carrier to Deactivate your YouMail Account:

Carrier NameDeactivation Code
AT&T Wireless##61# and ##62# and ##67#
Sprint*730 and *740
AT&T (Cingular)##004#
Verizon Wireless*73
Cricket (Leap Wireless)*730
US Cellular Corp*900 and *920
Telus Mobility##004#
Rogers Wireless##004#
Bell Mobility*920
Edge Wireless##004#
Cellular South*760
Fido ##004#
Verizon Residential*900 and *920
AT&T Residential*900 and *920
Metro PCS*740
Wind Mobile (Canada)##004#
Mobilicity (Canada)##004#
Plateau Wireless##004#
Lyrix Wireless##004#
NW Missouri Wireless##004#
Cellular 29*73
Simple Mobile##004#
Aio Wireless##004#
Revol Wireless*710
Cbeyond *38
ATT Landline*900 and *920
SBC Residential*900 and *920
Bell South##004#
Cox Digital*900 and *920
Koodo Mobile##004#
Republic Wireless*38
MTS Mobility*900 and *920
Sasktel*900 and *920
Straight Talk##004#
Page Plus*710

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