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    Solved! CA certificate notification

    Hello, when i press somewhere close to the gear on the top right of the screen ( https://imgur.com/a/HYcsBs7) i receive this message ( https://imgur.com/a/N1dAEPe ). I'm using an Adblock app "DNS66". Is there any way to not receive it ? Thanks ! Samsung Galaxy S9 / Android Oreo (Rootless)
  2. B

    Errors in certificate at public wifi, help

    I'm so frustrated. I often stop at McDonalds for coffee. And I like to use their public wifi, which in my case appears to be attwifi. When I'm trying to use the internet I keep getting two errors. The first appears to be from the hotmail mail account I have installed on my phone. The error...
  3. R

    Fix Facebook Certificate Not Valid

    So you wanted to check what’s new on Facebook, see if there are new messages for you or some interesting things on your feed. You open the page but get this strange error which says that the certificate is not valid (the error message differs from browser to browser). Fortunately, this...
  4. M

    match.bnmla untrusted certificate

    On Yahoo, I frequently get a pop-up:" Untrusted Certificate: It cannot be guaranteed that the contacted server: - match.bnmla . com - is the one it appears to be." It shows ProgramFile\mozillafirefox\firefox.exe Reputation: (a green check mark) Discovered 1 month ago. Certificate: bnmla.com I...
  5. W

    How can I change the certificate installation from phone to SD card

    Hi.. I am having a poblem with my LGK5. I can't move or install my apps to SD card. It is directly installed in internal memory.. So my storage is always full. There is no option in my setting like "Move to SD card" and the certificate installation is directly install on phone storage.. Hope u...
  6. P

    Problem with certificate

    Hi, I have moved from bitdefender to kaspersky and everything is fine, but now I am ramdomly getting an error on a certificate. (see attachements) Not sure what how to fix this. No idea what this certificate is about. Any help is welcome. PA
  7. A

    Programs in my computer are sending data to bandicam.com? Virus? Or?

    I was suspicious that my laptop was infected since a few days ago a certificate showed up which was addressed by symantec to *.optimatic.com. After that I found that I couldn't open Chrome (happened once) then when I tried to shutdown the UI power button wasn't responding then I tried opening...
  8. D

    It's fine to view the details of a certificate in Chrome right?

    I'm only asking because compared to other browsers it's not really the same way to actually view the details of a certificate.
  9. T

    Avast and Opera 12.18 SSL scan

    I dont know how import Avast certificate to this version of opera. It is possible to enable it? I know it is outdated browser, pls dont tell me this. Thanks
  10. J

    Security Certificate suddenly appeaars on screen.

    a sudden message on my screen in win 7 tells me i have a problem with my Security Certificate. Cannot get online and have no idea how to get my win 7 going again.
  11. J

    Governments id in facebook

    Just wanna ask something about your experiences on recovering account in facebook. I have 3 accounts in facebook, the 2 accounts was useless because i forgot the password and i was using my only account now. And i try to recover my 2 old accounts lil while ago and make 2 accounts in yahoo for...
  12. D

    Invalid SSL Certificate / Your connection is not private

    Hi, well basically a few days ago i noticed that i wasnt able to purchase anything on steam, i wasnt able to redeem codes or anything because i was getting this error: Invalid SSL Certificate The SSL certificate for https://store.steampowered.com/account/store_transactions/ is invalid and the...
  13. K

    it is asking port security type & client certificate!

    I want to sync my office mail in my android 4.4.2 phone!
  14. Z

    Avast! security certificate problems Mac OS X

    (Please do not reply with any anti-Mac or "A Mac can't get a virus"[viruses are not the only threat to a computer >.>] comments, they are not needed or wanted. I have a Windows, Android, and Linux device as well tyvm.) I just did a fresh install of my OS , Installed Avast! and Firefox after...
  15. RepoDraghon

    Keep getting this message about no updated certificate?

    Pic says it all, why is this happening?
  16. R

    HP dv6700 certificate errors

    just did a clean install of windows 7 and when i try to use internet explorer every site i go to it tells me that there is a problem with the websites security certificate...how can i fix this??? thanks for the help.
  17. CooLWoLF

    Lenovo superfish removal - Are we safe now?

    I removed the superfish certificate via Windows Defender on my Lenovo laptop. Am I safe now, or must more be done? Is an OS wipe needed? Any input is appreciated.
  18. G

    Security Alert / Certificate u are viewing does not match name of the site [a248.e.akamai.net]

    I was using my pc and something poped up it said: Security Alert - A secure connection with this site cannot be verified. Would you still like to proceed? - The certificate you are viewing does not match the name of the site you are trying to view I pressed view certificate and it showed...
  19. D

    This is doing this only on my Facebook and pinterest on my mobile and I can't fix it?

    I try long in and a message appears saying certificate expiration and I fixed the date and even tried removing both apps and now I can't even install them again through play store
  20. S

    Facebook SSL Error!

    When I am trying to open Facebook, this shows up. I don't know what to do. I haven't made any recent changes also. The site's security certificate is not trusted! You attempted to reach www.facebook.com, but the server presented a certificate issued by an entity that is not trusted by your...
  21. S

    Graphic Design Certificate- Need laptop.

    Hey there, folks. I may have an opportunity coming down the pipe, in the near future (within 3-6 months), to try for a digital Graphic Design Certificate, at the local College. However, my previous laptop succumbed to quite a nasty virus, and is no longer with us ( using College computer @ the...
  22. M


    How we can solve the problem while we get message like this website's security certificate. while facebook site accessing...please help
  23. B

    Certificate error: navigation blocked

    tryed everything i can think of please HELP!!!
  24. A

    Certificate error

    How to disable certificate error in intenet explorer please help):
  25. B

    Microsoft Security Essentials Loses AV-Test Certificate

    Every two months, AV-Test takes a look at popular antivirus software and security suites and tests them in several ways. In their latest test which was performed on Windows 7 during September and October, Microsoft Security Essentials didn't pass the test to achieve certification. Although that...
  26. X

    CompTIA A+ Certificate

    I'm studying for this exam and was wondering, how much this will improve my chance of getting a job in the IT fields.
  27. C

    How to add truted certificate for myphone mobile?

    Hello, i have deleted all my trusted certificata in my mobile... not knowing that those were important.. how could i install a new trusted certificate? thanks for those who will reply...
  28. G

    GlobalSign Confirms Breakin

    Certificate authority (CA) GlobalSign confirmed that there has been security breach that affected one of its web servers. GlobalSign Confirms Breakin : Read more
  29. G

    DigiNotar Breach Affected 531 Certificates

    The break-in in Certificate Authority (CA) DigiNotar back in July was much worse than previously thought. DigiNotar Breach Affected 531 Certificates : Read more
  30. G

    Iran Suspected of Breach in Acquired Google SSL Cert.

    DigiNotar, a digital Certificate Authority (CA), has confirmed that its infrastructure was breached in July and a fraudulent SSL certificate was available until yesterday. Iran Suspected of Breach in Acquired Google SSL Cert. : Read more
  31. D

    Certificate error

    help me
  32. J

    Certificate error: navigation blocked

    i cannot open my facebook website due to the message certificate error: navigation blocked please help me fix this problem.
  33. G

    Solved! Product Key Certificate Authenticity

    Hello,i hope you can help me with my problem.everytime i enter the product key on the dialog box,it is always invalid eventhough i copied it on the certificate of authenticity at the back of my computer. thak you!
  34. G

    How to get certificate on selling keys on ebay

    Hello,how to get Microsoft certificate to sell Microsoft products on eBay
  35. iohd818

    How to add personal certificate on hp ipaq hw6515 for wlan

    i'm trying to make my wlan connect to the internet using spectec's sdio 802.11b. it can see the signal however it needs a personal certificate. what should i do?