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  1. F

    Solved! Cherry Mobile Superion Radar tablet and physical keyboard not working

    Hello. I purchased a physical keyboard for the Cherry Mobile Superion Radar tablet. It works with my Android phone, but NOT with the tablet. Help, please.
  2. grac3

    Solved! Cherry Mobile Flare J3 Lite doesn't read SD card

    The Phone used to read any SD card but now it doesnt. It doesnt even recognize that it has an sd card. I checked on storage and it only has internal memory. While i checked the sd with a computer its working. I inserted a new one and it should have an sd card icon, but then it doesnt. I havent...
  3. C

    i just insert my used sim card then when i open my phone it appear to have a privacy protection password. how can i open my p

    my phone is a cherry mobile flare s4 max
  4. R

    I can't move apps to internal SD Card

    Ok I had a Cherry Mobile FlareJ2s which is Android 6.0 “Kernel”. Once when the internal storage was full, I decided to format my SD Card into Internal SD Card so I can move chrome which occupies one fourth of my storage. But I can't move chrome to SD Card please help me
  5. D

    How come I do not have an application manager on my cherry mobile fb100

    I do not have an app manager on my phone. Every time I day download an app from the playstore it always says free up some space but my SD card is empty.
  6. H

    Solved! how to root my cubix morph tablet

    hello ;) Is it possible to root my cherry mobile cubix morph tablet(lollipop)? then How? TIA for the answer
  7. B

    Possible to replace the power button with a mechanical switch?

    I'm not quite sure if I plan to do this yet, but I think it would be pretty cool if you could use a mechanical switch as a power button for a desktop. I'm wondering if it's possible to solder the leads on the bottom of a switch and the motherboard connectors together to act as a power button...
  8. F

    Cherry mx blues and open headphones?

    I have the Audio Technica ATH-AD900X and planning to buy the Gamdias Hermes. However, I am worried that, because the headphones are really open, I will be able to hear the blue switches and they will distract me as they are pretty loud. But the Gamdias Hermes does have dampening which quiets...
  9. M

    Looking for a good backlit mechanical keyboard.

    My budget is $150 tops, but preferably under $100. Currently considering this. I think I want Cherry Browns, but I have not owned a mechanical keyboard so, I don't have much of a preference. The keyboard must be fully backlit aswell.
  10. T

    Best mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX blue switch for under 80 dollars?

    I went to Best Buy yesterday and tried out this mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches. I found the keyboard to be very satisfying to type with because of the "clicky" feel to it. I know most mechanical keyboards are over 100 dollars, but I am just wondering if I could get on for less...
  11. M

    My corsair k95 cherry mx blue rgb keyboards software won't download

    When I plug it in the lights turn on and it will type but when I go to install the rgb software from corsair It doesn't work. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  12. J

    How can I track my lost phone by imei number?

    I've heard on the TV Patrol that using imei you can track/block your lost phone. I've search on the internet but there is not enough instruction. Please, I really need you help guys.
  13. A

    how to block my cherry mobile with my im1 code

    How to block my cherry mobile
  14. Arcanekitten

    crashes on Cherry mobility M1083 (3D-mark,Heartstone )

    hi tomshardware so i am having some problems with my tablet where if i try to run 3D mark or a other intensive games (Heartstone) where it just shuts down and boot up again so i have a second tablet but that one a Asus tf101 also crashes :ouch: where it basically just flickers between two...
  15. J

    How can I reset my cherry mobile bubble phon?i forgot my pattern password

    <NUMBER REMOVED> Iforgot my phone pattern password
  16. T

    I forgot my cherry mobile titan password

    I made a password which is so long and then I was studying for my test... I accidentally forgot my password at the next day and cannot open it anymore
  17. A

    i lost my phone yesterday because it was stolen and it is 5 days old ,, can u help me ?? PLEASE ..

    my phone is Cherry Mobile Garnet with a color of black and the side is red .. it has a light scratch at the bavk of it as a symbol that is mine ..
  18. C

    icant open my phone

    i try my phone to open but i cant because i forgot my the patter my phone is cherry mobile plz help me