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    0% Plugged In and Not charging... Samsung Series 7 Chronos (Win 7)

    I have this problem with my Samsung Series Chronos battery not charging despite is pulgged in Mostly of the publications on the web showing an apparent solution talk about the extraction of the battery... Not easy in this model. Can you provide please some support and solution?... Fully...
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    Samsung Chronos 700z will not boot or react to BIOS keys

    Dear community, You are my last chance to deal with this horrible head ache. It is Samsung ChronoZ 7 series - NP700Z5C-S03UK intel i7 gt 640m 4gb ram 1tb hard and 0% response. So it started from a Windows 8 met a problem called ACPI BIOS error and was restarting non-stop. Ive tried to access...