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  1. ptm97

    Question Spot on my laptop touchpad not cleaning off

    So my genius brother took the laptop to the bathroom while he showered. He probably didn't dry his hands properly and he used the touchpad while his hand still had a little bit of shower gel. It eventually dried and left a shiny spot on the touchpad. It just doesn't come off, when you pass your...
  2. W

    Problem when clearing cache

    i have a android tablet with android 4.1.2 and when i cleaned the cache... , my storage wasted . so my storage is just 294 mb now :'( because i cleaned the cache. please help me how to fix this
  3. ITclimber

    Coax F connection clean-out of NOALOX

    Guy at Home Depot told me to squirt a glob of Noalox right in the F-connector of outside antenna, before screwing in the cable. After reasearching, I should have only used it on the threads (not the center conductor). How can I clean out the cable-end, now (up there on the roof)? It is a RG6...
  4. T

    Vacuuming the Fan's plastic housing + sieve?

    I am cleaning my laptop from time to time with a vaccum cleaner. I read it can be bad but I am not sure it is the case. I would like to have your opinion :) Here is what I do: I open the back cover, then take off the thin steel cap from the fan and there I take the dust off from the fan...