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    Not paranoid, concerned

    Dear all I'm new here I've a question any help appreciated. I hear a tick sound from my TV / cables /fire stick / extensions / now TV box not sure where from. I checked everything and I could not find anything. And I've got feelings it's not coming from any fault or faulty device /wire. I did a...
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    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Clicking Noise

    Hi, I bought this laptop open box less than a month ago from NewEgg. Today I was sleep deprived on my way to college and my backpack (which had the laptop in it) fell about 2 feet. When i booted it up in class, it made a very prominent clicking noise from the upper left side if you're looking at...
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    HDD clicks on startup, and it wont connect to 2nd monitor

    My samsung laptop fell a while ago resulting in the laptop screen breaking (it only showed distorted lines) so i connected an external monitor which displayed: NO VIDEO INPUT after fiddling with the cables and rebooting it connected just fine and it worked for a year or so, one day however i...