HDD clicks on startup, and it wont connect to 2nd monitor


Jan 3, 2015
My samsung laptop fell a while ago resulting in the laptop screen breaking (it only showed distorted lines) so i connected an external monitor which displayed: NO VIDEO INPUT after fiddling with the cables and rebooting it connected just fine and it worked for a year or so, one day however i rebooted and my laptop clicked on startup while the external monitor displayed: NO VIDEO INPUT a while after the clicking stopped and it hadnt fixed itself yet i rebooted and the monitor connected just fine the clicking returned whenever my computer went into hibernation and then rebooted my pc worked for a while but just recently it didnt connect even after waiting when the clicking stopped and rebooting so i opened up my pc to locate the clicking noise and its coming from the HDD i would like to know why my monitor shows (NO VIDEO INPUT) when my HDD clicks on startup and what i can do to fix this particular issue