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Oct 15, 2021
Dear all I'm new here I've a question any help appreciated.
I hear a tick sound from my TV / cables /fire stick / extensions / now TV box not sure where from.
I checked everything and I could not find anything. And I've got feelings it's not coming from any fault or faulty device /wire.
I did a bit of research & investigated through gadgets/ devices etc & found that the tick sound is not there when I'm not in the room.
When I'm in the room even if the TV is off for days in that room I still here the tick sound that sometimes wake me up.
The question is : is it possible if some one could make or cause any of your devices or wires (tv, stick, box, extensions etc) to click or tick occasionally from outside ( sorry I'm not very technical and I'm not paranoid either but I've good reasons to think like that).
It clicks occasionally once or twice at night but not when I'm not there I've checked that.
And it happens when a certain cousin stays at my next door brother house ( I've checked that too and he has done something similar before that's why I think if he is messing up again)
Please advise
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Tommy Sawyer

Sep 21, 2021
This is very strange. I would unplug everything and try see what happens .. then each night plug one item back in at a time.
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