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  1. sakib1022

    Question MacBook Air 2017 vs MacBook Pro 2015: Which one to choose?

    I want to buy my first MacBook. Currently, I am on a tight budget. 2 MacBooks are in my range. One is MacBook Air 2017 i5 13inch vs MacBook Pro 2015 i5 13 inch. I am an undergrad computer science student. I primarily need a laptop for programming. Which one would be a wiser choice overall?
  2. Xmxndxlxdxvxc

    Solved! Advise on buying my first laptop

    Hi! Im looking to buy my first laptop, i literally know nothing about laptops though. The main reason that im looking to buy one Is because of a growing interest in music producing and coding. The thing is, im a college student that dosent have much money, and honestly im looking for the...
  3. T

    Can I use Xcode on an old Macbook air/pro

    Im looking to buy a macbook air/pro but im on a budget, im looking to buy one from the ~2012 models. I want to use Xcode on it but i dont know whether it will work on old models or whether it works on all models. Thank you
  4. A

    Solved! Is there any program that can turn some binary code into binary string in a black and white image?

    Is there any program/app that can get some binary code, and turn it in a black and white image. By that i mean get this image where the 0 are represented by the color black and the 1 with the color white.The example shown well Its a short creepy pasta story from a game. But that doesnt matter...
  5. D

    Lua Code error

    Hey everyone, I know it may not be the perfect place to ask for this but I do not know where else to ask this question. I am currently making a mobile game that is written in lua. I want it so that if the player is in a certain place, it will change the background (different town, forest...
  6. G

    Coding for an app

    I'm currently making a website from the files I made at college just for the fun of it and want to put it up online but its bugging me so I've had the idea to to make an app instead but have all the website stuff on it. That stuff being reviews of phones and all around gaming. How would i go...
  7. B

    What Laptop should I buy for University?

    Hi guys, I need a laptop for University. I will be doing a Bachelor of Information Technology in Australia. The laptop will be used predominantly for programming. I have a maximum budget of $1000-1200. This laptop needs to have a good battery with a quality build to it. I've researched it i...
  8. B

    Laptop or netbook $500-600

    1. What is your budget? 500-600 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable labtop 5. How much battery life do you need? 6-7 hrs 6. Do you want to play games with your laptop? If so then please list the games that you want to with the settings that you want for these...
  9. S


  10. L

    CodeHS JavaScript Help

    Can someone help me with this problem? Write a function called `isEven` that returns a boolean of whether or not a value is even or odd. The `isEven` function should not print anything out or return a number. It should only take in a number and return a boolean. For example, if you made a call...
  11. B

    Turbo C++ -nan problem

    Heres what need to happen. Enter two consecutive number , add them and show their average. So The code is Quite correct I can say It worked before but if you try and try again . and try to break it and it will It'll show -NAN -NAN and -NAN #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> float...
  12. I

    HTML prompting and displaying

    Okay, so I don't do much with JS in HTML... so I want to ask this question. I want to make my website prompt whoever is visiting my site, and then whatever the answer in the prompt, I want that to be displayed. Can someone give me a little tutorial or sample code to get me going? It would be...
  13. P

    How To Make A Sign In Page in C#

    So I am very knew to the whole coding scene. Well I have an idea for a sort of Social Network sort of thing. And I didn't want to hire developers, so I decided to learn my self. I have started a project and selected Windows Form Application. I have to buttons and text box set up. But I would...
  14. P

    Do I Need A Server

    So in a few weeks, I am gonna start coding my game. I am using c# and am very new to the whole programming thing. I would like to make an online game and have severs. My only problem is how would i set that up. Would I need like a server rack, if so what code do I need to set that up and how do...
  15. W

    I want to learn coding/programming but have no idea where to begin.

    I've tried CodeAcademy but I'm not so sure HTML/CSS/JavaScript are what I want to be learning. I tried but their K-8 lesson plan is not exactly the most appealing to a 16 year old in 12th grader. So if I'm going to thrust myself into the world of Computer Science, how shall I begin?
  16. F

    Dreamweaver div tags overlapping?

    So im trying to design a basic website for my school coursework, I am using DIV tags to created the basic layout. Im using Dreamweaver CS5 Im having a problem with the way div tags are displayed in my dreamweaver file and the way they actually look when previewing them in the browser. photo...
  17. manicmike

    Homework Help (C# GUI, Random Number Guessing Game)

    As the title states, this is for homework. I'm tasked with creating a program that allows a user to input a number into a GUI, and then compares their answer to the random number. Most of the remaining code is cake but when I tested what I have so far, EVERY time the Guess button is clicked, it...
  18. C

    notepad and c++ problems

    first i need to know if it is possible to remove a line of texand then remove the emtpy line from the notepad because its important tht there is no empty lines in this notepad file or it will break the game that im trying to use it for. second question: is there any programs that are free and...
  19. G

    Obama Wants Kids to Be Computer Programmers

    As part of Computer Science Education week, President Obama released a message asking kids to become programmers. Obama Wants Kids to Be Computer Programmers : Read more
  20. S

    Looking for laptop that can run Minecraft

    Hello, I am looking for a laptop that can run minecraft and a server for it. I have been getting into coding java and I am interested in making plugins for servers. The server I will be running will only be running when I activate it so it's not a dedicated. I just want to be able to run the...