Dreamweaver div tags overlapping?


Mar 19, 2014
So im trying to design a basic website for my school coursework, I am using DIV tags to created the basic layout. Im using Dreamweaver CS5

Im having a problem with the way div tags are displayed in my dreamweaver file and the way they actually look when previewing them in the browser.

photo hosting

The above picture is what it looks like when previewed in a browser, this is what i want it to look. However...

In order for it be like that in the browser it looks like this in Dreawmeaver:

I dont understand why i had to position them so far over my main content section in order for them to be appear to be reasonably position in a browser? I know this isn't a real problem as it looks the way it should in a browser but its annoying for editing purposes because I have to keep guessing if ive positioned it correctly for it to look decent in the browser and also makes editing hard with things being overlapped in Dreamweaver.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.