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  1. L

    Hello guys im new to coding with a question thats been bugging me

    How would I make php work in a 1 page website?
  2. L

    Query regarding responsive website design

    Hello. I am currently working on a responsive website design(newbie) Is there a reason why during inspection of responsive websites in google chrome, the iphone 6/7/8 and the Pixel 2 phones show the desktop version of the site but the other phones/iphones show the mobile version?
  3. L

    13 vs 15 inch laptop for work

    Would a 13 inch laptop be too small for on the go work? Illustrator, Dreamweaver etc..
  4. T

    Software To Edit Website?

    Hey, my Dad's old website for his company is outdated with information, but still comes up highly on search rankings so he's decided to give it a bit of a make over so people can be directed to the new website. We have Dreamweaver already, would that work? Sorry, rookie at this stuff :/ Any...
  5. SuperShark

    Looking for a laptop under £550

    I recently passed my AS exams and have moved onto second year of college, but now require a laptop that is good enough for me to code on using Visual Basics and Dreamweaver. I plan on using the laptop for day to day use as well so I'd like it to be powerful. My current budget is £550 and I've...
  6. T

    Questions about Dreamweaver.

    Firstly how do i link other pages to my home website page? I have a background and drop down bars on my home page. How do i make these two components universal? How to i create a section at which i place website content? I see people taking their CSS and placing it in text files in a...
  7. J

    php and jquery problems

    I have some problems in my php and jquery such as ajax. my codes don't work correctly! it is all good and no problem with them and i settled my site fine but the problem still there. i mention such problem here: i had a problem in getting textboxes values by jquery afew days, and when i found ...
  8. G

    Adobe Dreamweaver Website errors

    Hi people, In high school we have to design and make a website for a theme park to attract 13-14 year olds. I have done most of the website and just need to add some appropriate content. However, there are some things that need putting right before it is uploaded and graded. Firstly, I am not...
  9. D

    Preventing scraping of my web page

    How do you stop people copying the content of my web page (scraping)? I use Dreamweaver 4. Regards Darrell
  10. D

    How do I change password in Dreamweaver4

    How do I change my password in Dreamweaver 4? Regards Darrell
  11. F

    Dreamweaver div tags overlapping?

    So im trying to design a basic website for my school coursework, I am using DIV tags to created the basic layout. Im using Dreamweaver CS5 Im having a problem with the way div tags are displayed in my dreamweaver file and the way they actually look when previewing them in the browser. photo...
  12. H

    No coding web page creation

    Hello, Anyone have any recommendations for a good (preferably inexpensive) software program that allows you to create web pages without coding? From what I have seen online, Dreamweaver seems like the most popular, but you have to pay a monthly subscription for it. Anyone good alternatives...
  13. viveknayyar007

    Why In My Dreamweaver 7.0, Live Preview is No More Executing JavaScript and Validations?

    Dreamweaver 7.0 has improved the GUI experience of their users while maintaining the efficient functionality and flexible operability at the same time. Dreamweaver very smartly blends the view section of the home screen between different modes like Code, Split and Live Preview. The Live Preview...
  14. viveknayyar007

    My PHP Codes Do Not Work on Dreamweaver.

    Dreamweaver is a quite popular web development and assistance tool provided by Adobe enterprise. HTML is the most basic language for web development. HTML is client side scripting language and is executed by the browser itself. PHP is one of the most popular server side scripted languages...
  15. viveknayyar007

    I Want to Create Images That Change on Hovering Using Dreamweaver.

    Dreamweaver is one of the most used web development and assistance tools. Dreamweaver utilizes many professional functionality with easy to implement graphical interface, which is also the main reason behind Dreamweaver being equally popular among professionals as well as amateurs. Dreamweaver...
  16. viveknayyar007

    I Want to Add an HTML Video Through Dreamweaver.

    Dreamweaver is Adobe’s web development and assistance tool. Dreamweaver combines the functionality of a text editor with a full-fledged development IDE. With easy-to-use functionality, Dreamweaver becomes quite useful and handy while creating webpages. The web is evolving day-by-day with...
  17. viveknayyar007

    How to Create List and Insert List Items in Dreamweaver?

    In HTML, list are mainly of two types which are ‘Ordered’ and ‘Unordered’ lists. These list are used on the webpage according to your requirements. Ordered lists are the lists in which ordering is available in the form of numerals, whereas the unordered lists are not ordered according to...
  18. viveknayyar007

    Cannot View Firefox Browser while Previewing, On My Dreamweaver?

    When you’re creating a webpage on Dreamweaver, the Dreamweaver provides many ways in which you can preview the changes that were made on the page. When you are coding on Dreamweaver for your webpage, you can switch between the options provided on the Dreamweaver main console. You can view the...
  19. viveknayyar007

    How can I Insert a Table on My Web-Page Using Dreamweaver?

    Some tables may have variables, numerals, characters or even images that are to be displayed on the webpage. You can very easily implement and categorize the data in rows and columns of a table. While using Dreamweaver, you may have come along a task to add a table on your webpage. You can do...
  20. viveknayyar007

    Help On Hyperlinks in Dreamweaver

    If you are trying to create hyperlinks, but due to some reason you cannot implement them properly on an HTML page, there is nothing to worry about. You can do so by following the below described procedure: ■Initialize your Dreamweaver program from the Start menu, using any account. ■On the...
  21. viveknayyar007

    Give a DIV an Already Created CSS Design Using Class and Id's in Dreamweaver

    By using classes and IDs on divisions to give CSS effect on your webpage provides a neater and organized look to the webpage. These classes and IDs of the CSS file can be called and used at any point while implementing the document. You can give the same set of CSS designs to more than one DIV...
  22. I

    Will Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Dreamweaver run okay on Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2030M 2.5 GHz?

    Will Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Dreamweaver run okay on Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2030M 2.5 GHz? It is said that it's not suitable for such programs, but i still need to know if i can use this soft. What difficulties i might get into while using this proccesor?
  23. D

    Word to HTML conversion software like dreamweaver

    I am attempting to convert word to html. I was originally having issues with borders not actually showing up. I have resolved that with a little adjustment to the converted HTML with converting a few =0 to =1. But now my issue is alignment of boxes with borders. I 3 boxes that are supposed...
  24. B

    Laptop help decide!

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new laptop; it'll be used for photoshop, dreamweaver and some medium gaming. I've narrowed it down to 2 laptops. http://www.simplyasus.com/ASUS_N56VM-S4089V_1360141.html http://www.simplyasus.com/ASUS_N55SL-S1188V_1338594.html What are your thoughts?
  25. B

    Business Laptop

    Hiya, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for my freelance web design business. I'll be looking to use Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Fireworks and possibly some medium-high gaming. So far i've found one asus laptop which looks up to scratch...
  26. P

    Need photoshop and dreamweaver help

    Hello, I live stream on twitch.tv.com and in twitch your allowed to post a 620 pixel by X amount long pixels image with writing or pictures on it. Now I most recently bought photoshop and created a basic layout with a youtube and twitter clickable link picture that brings you to those sites, so...
  27. W

    Sony Vaio frequently crashes

    Hello I'm trying to find out options to prevent crashes. I use dreamweaver, office, photoshop etc. which my sony doesn't seem capable of running (although told it was more than capable). Also told can't upgrade it. Can anyone help please.
  28. C

    Anyone heard of Horizon Software ?

    I need to buy Adobe Dreamweaver and have found a good price at Horizon Software - GBP 189. Does anyone know anything about this company ?
  29. N

    How to add adress bar icon to webpage?

    Hi, I'm wondering how to add that little icon you often see on webpages next to the url in the adress bar. Is it possible to do that with a program like dreamweaver or do you need to use codes? If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks
  30. T

    Web Design Coffeecup, dreamweaver8, golive?

    I know dreamweaver is a highly recarded program as far as web design, but coffeecup is the number one best seller and has 24 web design applications. I have 2 major questions. Of dreamweaver, coffeecup, and golive, which is better and why. Secondly is there a good tutorial on coffeecup like...