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    Solved! HTML/CSS problem, Can someone find my mistake?

    I have just began coding in HTML and I am getting ready for my first exam but I have already found a problem. I can not align side div to the left side, two divs are acting as one even tho I have chosen different classes. Also I do not now how to move up Contacts and About tab a bit. Here it is...
  2. L

    Hello guys im new to coding with a question thats been bugging me

    How would I make php work in a 1 page website?
  3. L

    Query regarding responsive website design

    Hello. I am currently working on a responsive website design(newbie) Is there a reason why during inspection of responsive websites in google chrome, the iphone 6/7/8 and the Pixel 2 phones show the desktop version of the site but the other phones/iphones show the mobile version?
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    HP ProBook 650 G2 adapter

    where can a find a HP ProBook 650 G2 adapter
  5. D

    Solved! Battery Not Charging While Plugged in.

    Hi I have a Dell XPS12 9Q23 Ultrabook with windows 10 pro 64 that I bought used and have only had about 4 months. When I got it it had windows 10 pro 64 installed and the charging worked fine. Then I reinstalled win 10 pro 64 myself and installed all the drivers from dell along with it. Soon...
  6. D

    Help in CSS and HTML

    Hello!, so if you all don't know there is this new text to code app called MACAW, it will be free to download and use forever forever until tomorrow. Basically I had an assignment in my class which was to create a website with MACAW extract the code and analyze it, I made the website, can...
  7. S

    Mozilla won't render font sizes even with 'Mozilla only' CSS

    Would anyone have a solution to why Mozilla won't render font sizes even with 'Mozilla only' CSS?
  8. M

    CSS/HTML Coding Help?

    So, I can not find a forum for this nor a section on here so I found this to be most fitting. I'm looking for just a little bit of coding help. Not sure if anyone here would be willing to help or the very least know a forum I can look for help? Thanks! EDIT: Alright, well, I'll just throw my...
  9. F

    How do you select one of many similar tags to edit in CSS?

    Ex. <ul> <li>Listed Item 1</li> <li>Listed item 2</li> </ul> How do you tell the CSS file to select only one of the <li> tags?
  10. A

    Desktop Cpus in Laptops

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with laptops that desktop CPUs? wondering about cooling, heating, throttling and basic performance
  11. F

    Dreamweaver div tags overlapping?

    So im trying to design a basic website for my school coursework, I am using DIV tags to created the basic layout. Im using Dreamweaver CS5 Im having a problem with the way div tags are displayed in my dreamweaver file and the way they actually look when previewing them in the browser. photo...
  12. viveknayyar007

    Give a DIV an Already Created CSS Design Using Class and Id's in Dreamweaver

    By using classes and IDs on divisions to give CSS effect on your webpage provides a neater and organized look to the webpage. These classes and IDs of the CSS file can be called and used at any point while implementing the document. You can give the same set of CSS designs to more than one DIV...
  13. R

    CSS two problems

    If anyone knows CSS, I would ask for help, beacouse I have 2 problems,nothing fancy or expert.
  14. P

    HELP ME...!

  15. exfileme

    Mozilla Launches Tool for Learning HTML, CSS

    Mozilla has launched Thimble, a visual editor for creating and publishing web pages in a browser. Mozilla Launches Tool for Learning HTML, CSS : Read more
  16. jappe66

    Why my content isn't getting the background?

    I'm making a simple website and I got a background image for the content part of the site but it won't print out to my screen when I view the site. I have 1 big div-element that holds 2 smaller div-elements inside itself (2 columns). The divs that are inside the bigger one will just use the...
  17. exfileme

    LulzSec Reborn, Hacks Into Military Dating Site, CSS Corp.

    A new hacker group called LulzSecReborn has already broken into two websites and dumped their sensitive private data. LulzSec Reborn, Hacks Into Military Dating Site, CSS Corp. : Read more
  18. al man

    HTML/CSS: Hover declarations will make other elements to move down.

    Hi there! I'm a rookie on HTML/CSS on & I'm learning on the road. I'm doing ULs: They're displayed in blocks, & the padding increase when hovered, along with other funny changes. Thing here's that the other HTML elements, like a <P> will go jump down a few pixels/lines when hovering a...
  19. al man

    Doing +1 hyperlinks in a single CSS file.

    Hi everyone! So I'm sort of new on CSS. I have a perhaps easy questions for you guys. So I'm starting doing a general .CSS file for merging it (or invoking) into an HTML one. Thing is, I'm supposed to do different styles for each hyperlinks , or at least, +1 style like when you have a...
  20. I

    Starting with Java

    Hello, I've been starting to learn HTML and CSS, but my teacher said it would be better to learn Java. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips or a link to a tutorial for starters. Thanks Heaps, Caius
  21. wsupduck

    Tf2 for under $1000

    Pretty simple, mostly all i would need it for is tf2, max settings of course, maybe some CSS or L4D
  22. G

    Review: Roku Labs M1000 Soundbridge

    Does anyone know how much a unit cost ? i even posted this on my css blog, but with a few comments. http://www.opentopix.com/topic/gadgets/roku-labs-sound-system