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    Solved! 2 Computers, 1 Set of Speakers - 3.5mm Splitter Isn't Working

    I'm trying to get my desk set up at home so that my one set of speakers will play either the audio from my work laptop, or the audio from my home PC. I have both systems on the same desk and I use HDMI switchers and a USB switcher to switch my monitors, keyboard, and mouse between the two...
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    Solved! Can I use two different audio outputs plugged into different ouputs on the the back of my motherboard?

    I just built my first computer. My mother board is a Gigabyte X570. The audio output options are Center/Subwoofer Out, Rear Speaker Out, Front Speaker out. I have two devices I would like to have audio come out of. The first is my headphones and the second is my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 computer...
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    When play games mic picks up game audio as well as friend's audio

    Okay, so I've had this problem for a very, very long time now and I can'ts seem to fix. Whenever I play with friends on video games and I talk to them they can hear my game sound through. I've made a voice activation settings in Teamspeak so they can't hear my game unless i talk. If I watch a...
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    Ideal Audio set-up for 5.2 Surround from Computer to Receiver

    Yes I know there are tons of these, but I always see suggestions for budget systems etc. as well as I'm somewhat confused on how to do this correctly even after reading the other posts. It's going to take me some time, but I'm look to get the ideal set-up for 5.2 surround sound. My PC: Asus...