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  1. Anonymous_7791

    Solved! Cng.sys corrupt (without BSOD)

    Help! I have a Sony VPCCA,(Win7 Home premium) it was working all fine today, and then i did a shutdown. This evening i booted it again, and , it would display 'Starting windows' but the windows logo doesnt appear and it gets me into startup repair. StartupRepairOffline, Autofailover...
  2. MrRyan2582

    Question SD Card reader not working "The configuration registry database is corrupt"

    So for a while now, I've come to notice my SD card reader on my ASUS laptop is not working. I don't think I ever tested it out to see if it ever worked since I got it a couple months ago. I've tried cleaning out the port, tried different cards, but it was no use. I went to Device Manager to see...