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    Solved! Sony FD Trinitron WEGA Right side taller than left

    I have a Sony FD Trinitron Wega KV-32HS500 CRT TV and the right side is slightly taller than the left. When I hook up my wii, the settings icon is 3" in height, but the mail icon is 3.25" in height. Its the whole right side of the screen that is taller. I've tried messing around with settings in...
  2. O

    Solved! Firestick for CRT-TV ?

    I have a CRT-TV with coax and RCA inputs, no HDMI. Is there an HDMI to analog adapter available that will actually work, less than the price of a new 32-36” TV ? Thanks-
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    Bright dot on crt power off

    I've got a Samsung TXN3245fp 32" crt from 2003. For 6 years it was my main TV, used almost daily. For the past 10 years its been hooked up to my vintage game consoles (Atari, Colecovision, Genesis) and only used a couple times a month. It still works just fine when its on, but recently...
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    Solved! Snes classic in hdmi crt

    I tried to connect my snes classic to an hdmi crt tv but it don’t work. The tv is a jvc i’art pro av-30w585 2005
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    Old crt tv question

    Hi, would it be possible to connect a 3.5 mm jack with a rca audio/video cable to the ext ant port on my old crt t.v.? Can this be used to get cable on my old tv?
  6. F

    Could s video switch box casue input delay on a CRT?

    Hello everyone - I recently purchased a sony trinitron CRT to use with older gaming systems and realized that I ran out of inputs quick. I'd like to use a s video switch box for the consoles but dont want to introduce lag as that is why I went with the CRT in the first place. If I use a switch...
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    I have a HP Notebook. I broke the screen and had been using a Dell CRT monitor. I upgraded the Intel graphics processor and no

    Leeroy home computers Troubleshooting Computer hacks
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    My crt tv supra do not turn on

    When i turn on my CRT tv ,it does not respond
  9. T

    Outputting A Coaxial Signal On a Crt?

    I have a Toshiba CRT and am looking to output it to an RCA converter. I have everything set up except I have no idea if the Coaxial (Type F Jack) can output video. Is there any way I can tell?
  10. E

    crt tv color

    hello, i have a problem with my crt tv. when i switched on the tv, the picture is black and white. for a couple of minutes,the picture turned to color but after 15 minutes, it turned to black and white again. any solution? thanks in advance.
  11. R

    No Sound & No Ability to Increase Volume on CRT TV with DVD Player Remote Control

    Hey Guys, Can you please help me out...I have a Samsung CRT TV and a new Sony DVD Player. No issues with video, but I have no sound and when I try and increase the volume with the DVD Player remote (the tv volume is high enough) i don't get anything in terms of volume graphics or sound from my...
  12. Y

    Avast Free fails to install on win 10 Home 64 bit

    avast free fails to install in win 10 Home 64 bit, gets stuck at launch of executable C:\Program Files\AVAST\setup\CRT\InstallCrt.exe/avast/v140/debug/release....
  13. T

    Samsung TV CRT picture sight adjustment

    Hi, I have a Samsung CS-29k10MH CRT type TV. Initially, I found that the CRT gun was broken. After replacing the CRT tube, the picture sight has then become abnormally long. How do I adjust it back to its standard measurement? Thanks.
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    sony crt tv model kv 2168mt . power on led .turns on late 1hour

    power on led .turns on late 1hour
  16. M

    Solved! How do I get my symphonic tv to input

    A friend thought it would be funny to change the channel on my old symphonic TV, knowing we don't have a remote, and we need the crt to play a certain game. How can I change it back to GAME without a remote?
  17. H

    Zenith Advanced System 3 Red Lines

    I picked up an old Zenith CRT today and plugged it in and everything seems good except on black screens horizontal red lines appear. It's not noticeable most of the time but I was wondering if anyone knows a possible fix or a solution because I love this TV. The setup I have is a Genesis plugged...
  18. T

    TV set on for long time

    What are the dangers when I leave a TV monitor for 2 weeks or longer? It is an old CRT color 21-inch RCA television set.
  19. S

    HDMI to AV

    Hello, is it possible to connect Android box (HDMI) with old CRT TV (AV), HDMI to AV with this cable: or do I need these:
  20. C

    Use a CRT on an inspiron E1505

    Have a CRT hooked up to laptop. Was working fine. Moved iit, now CRT won't come on.
  21. K

    Intermittent loss of picture and sound on Sharp CRT TV

    My tv works fine most of the time. However, periodically (sometimes every few hours), the picture and sound are lost on the tv to be replaced by snow and static. After some time (which varies), they both come back and everything is fine again - until the next time. It's not the external cable...
  22. J

    How do I connect laptop (HDMI output) with old crt tv (YPbPr input)?

    Want to connect my laptop which has an HDMI output to my old (standard definition) crt tv that has component (YPbPr) input. My CRT also has composite (Yellow/Red/White) as well as S-Video but I'm assuming I'll get the best picture via the component input. Thanks!
  23. C

    How to play 1080p Movies in CRT TV Sony Wega using laptop.

    We own an old Sony Wega CRT TV. Is there any way I can connect my LD RD405 laptop ( It plays 1080p movies with ease) to it. The laptop and TV do not have any hdmi port. Is there a way that the output display can be transferred to the CRT TV.
  24. G

    I want to connect an old CRT green monitor to my laptop with a broken screen.

    I want to connect an old CRT green monitor to my laptop with a broken screen. Got an USB-RCA cable and monitor got cvbs/audio in as well as TTL RGB round and long din ports.
  25. B

    Looking for TV recommendations for movies/xbox

    Hi I'm looking to replace my ancient CRT TV for a flat screen and I'm a little lost as to where to start. I use my TV almost exclusively for movies either DVD's played through my Xbox 360 or streamed from my PC again through the 360. I also play some Xbox 360 games infrequently. I'm looking...
  26. S

    samsung 21 inches tv crt type.when turn on the tv is ok but in a few secound or in a mins. becomes black and white?

    samsung 21 inches tv crt type.when turn on the tv is ok but in a few secound or in a mins. becomes black and white? plese responce my letter i need one who guide what are supposed to do, what parts replace or reheat. my feeling is sytem section but i cant sure, i need help. tnxs im waiting 4ur...
  27. B

    Hook VCR and DVD to Stereo Receiver and CRT TV?

    I already have my VCR hooked up to my stereo system and tv (which is a circa 1992 CRT with just a coax connection). I want to hook my DVD player into the system. The problem is that the connections on the back of the DVD player are just RCA, and like I said, the TV is just coax. Is there a way...
  28. H

    CRT TV Scrolling chunk of lines.

    I bought a Sony Trinitron to play my N64, Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox. The PS2 and the Xbox are hooked up Component to a switch, along with the Gamecube and N64 Hooked up with S-video. The audio and video of the PS and Xbox work fine, but on the N64 and Gamecube there are these scrolling lines...
  29. TommyGar

    New Flat Screen TV, old HD receiver.

    How do you connect an old HDTV receiver to a new flat screen TV? The receiver has two female coaxial connections for the rabbit ears and out-to-TV. And the AV "Yellow-White-Red" connections. My new TV has the 5x (Green-Blue-Red Video + Red-White Audio) Component connections and one Coax...
  30. F

    Help selecting my first TV

    Hi guys, i am going to upgrade from the old crt to the modern one for the first time (dont be shocked :P). I live in Chennai, India. My minimum requirements are : It should be 3D. It should be able to use my internet connection. 40 inch minimum LED, LCD or whatever is best. As for the...
  31. M

    human urine on tv

    hello my sony TV Standard CRT - Sony 25"(im not sure if its the exact modell but it looks like it) got urinated by my friend. a lot of urine in the back of the t.v to flow inside .can it be fix?
  32. N

    Video Stutters always on everything

    I'm not sure if this is a common issue or not, but videos ALWAYS stutter when I watch them. It really doesn't matter what it is. I could be using my computer and watching anime, or netflix, or a blu-ray. No matter what the content is, the video stutters when the camera pans. This happens on my...
  33. B

    Cant install itunes on windows 7, 64 bit have tried 10 times or more! here is EXACT error message

    An error occurred during the installation of the assembly. Microsoft.VC80.CRT, type="win32", version=8.0.50727.4053, public KeyToken="1fc8b 3b 9a 1e 18e3b", processor architecture ="amd64"" Please refer to help and Support for information HRESULT: 0x80070BC9. Someone please.....just shoot me...
  34. J

    Best 3D TV with basic smart applications.

    I have decided to replace my old CRT TV with the latest 3D TV with smart apps. Plz help me.
  35. tomhuang03

    CRT TV used as a monitor?

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to ask your opinion, I have an unused Samsung CRT TV and I wanted to ask how I could use it as a monitor for my old rig (it doesn't have a video card)? I read that it's possible by using a VGA to RCA cable. I wanted to know if there were other ways to achieve this without...
  36. R

    Dell inspiron 1525 display come once

    Hi I need help for dell insprion 1525 display problem. My laptop is running fine if i connect with a external monitor. If i press Fn + (F8 CRT/LCD) button the lcd light comes for a second and it come black again. so i need to press Fn + (F8 CRT/LCD)again to get the screen in monitor. it...
  37. T

    NTSC CRT-HD television, moving to Europe

    I know that by the title of my post, most people are already thinking ditch it, but please hear me out, I need expert advice... I have a Samsung TXT3092WHX CRT HDTV that my wife and I absolutely love. We are moving to France this summer. We would love to be able to take it with us even though...
  38. J

    CRT out to VGA in

    I have a CRT output and would like to use a VGA input screen and I need to know how to convert to the VGA input. HELP!! :cry:
  39. C

    How to conect dell laptop hdmi to crt tv

    Hello,I have dell laptop 5050 i want to conect through HDMI cable to crt TV
  40. T

    How can a CRT get a blu ray picture when it doesn\'t have an HDMI feature

    How can a CRT HD set get a Blu Ray picture when in was purchased a year before HDMI came out.
  41. C

    Solved! 10 Bit with 1.06 Billion or 24 Bit with 16.7 Million Colors

    Our Crappy 16 year old CRT TV finally went out and now we are looking for a new TV. Out entertainment center only allows us a maximum tv of about 32" and I was looking and I found a tv with 1.06 billion colors but only was 10 bit. On the other hand i could get one with just a regular 16.7...
  42. 3 crt display?

    Hello,I have a sony KV27FS100L and I am trying to connect it to my HPE371F. The tv is a CRT display and has s-video and component inputs. The computer has DVI-I and HDMI outputs. I thought about using a HDFURY 2 or 3 converter, but they are not sure it would work because the sony is not a true...
  43. Z

    Solved! TV noob with a couple questions.

    Hey I'm thinking of purchasing one of these uhh.. new technologically advanced televisions that have been out for... too long. Anyways, I'm upgrading from some 27" crt thing I've had for since I was a kid. So I'm sure anything I get will be phenominal. Here's what I'm thinking of purchasing...
  44. D

    Looking for a good HDTV/Reciever.

    My current setup is a 27" JVC Standard Def CRT TV, and an Onkyo 5.1 TX-SR304 Receiver. I figure with all the great sales in the next few weeks, it's finally time to upgrade to an HDTV and a Receiver that supports HDMI. My budget is about ~$800 for the two combined, but I value quality over...
  45. makaveli2007

    Inches calculation

    hi how do the inches calculated in tv? only the glass or all the frame (all the tv)? does it apply to all screens like monitors, crt, lcd etc.............
  46. B

    DVD Player/CRT TV Audio problem

    Hello everyone. I am having a problem with the audio when playing DVDs. I have a 10+ year old standard 32" TV (CRT) and a standard DVD player. When I play any DVD movie I am constantly having to turn the volume up and down. The dialogue (voices) come through very quiet and then I get blasted...
  47. A

    My CRT picture is tilted a little bit clockwise...

    Hey. This isn't a big problem, but an annoying one... I just bought an RCA 27F400T CRT television to play my older video games on. I didn't notice right away, but the picture is tilted a little clockwise. Things on the top left of the screen are out of the picture a little, and things on the...
  48. A

    what is the difference between crt and plasma

    Hello,please i need to know the difference between the catigories of tv
  49. 6

    Mitsubishi VS-60603 Red Color Problem

    My Rear Projection Mitsubishi Model VS-60603 has lost its red color. Everthing else works just fine, just no red color. Is it likely a CRT or some other component problem? What is the least expensive way to troubleshoot?
  50. F

    Dell laptop B130 screen black, works on external crt

    Laptop screen doesn't stay on. At start up bootup "Dell" startup comes on then it goes blank. An exterior CRT monitor works. When I switch it from crt to laptop (F8) the laptop will come on for about 15 seconds then it goes blank. What's the problem?
  51. R

    External monitor problems

    I'm currently using a laptop [Vostro 1500] hooked up to a CRT monitor due to a cracked display on the laptop. Everything is displayed fine, except for the occasional ISP problems [still causing internet problems for me]. Anyways, the only thing that the monitor does not display is the bootup...
  52. K

    Connecting PC to CRT TV

    Hi, I want to know if it's possible to connect my PC to my CRT TV. My config is an Intel P4 3.06ghz on an Intel D102ggc2 mobo with the Ati Xpress 200 chipset. I'm currently using the onboard graphics. The output port is a D-sub [VGA?]. The sound card is an onboard chip as well. On the TV set...
  53. M

    Color gone

    my green and red color gone away. do i need to purchase the crt pwb green board? or is it something different??
  54. A

    Graphics compatibility with turbo c++

    A c++ program that worked fine with my friends' crt is causing problems with my 17" lcd.Though it gives no error message, program gives no output.
  55. D

    My HDTV has blurry text at higher resolutions

    I have my PC with a Radeon HD 4870 connected to my Hitachi 57F59A 1080i CRT HDTV through HDMI. Some of the text (especially around the edges of the screen) appears blurry. It gets worse as I increase the resolution. I can also notice some flickering on horizontal lines in web pages. How can I...
  56. J

    Help me with a TV?

    Considering I still have a 17" CRT TV, I really do know little about the new technologies with TV's. I have some general knowledge but I would like you to recommend me a TV. First of all it has to be HD. Is HD built in to most? Are blue ray players in some? How much do these generally cost...
  57. G

    LCD TVs Outship CRT TVs

    LCD has become the most popular TV screen technology in the fourth quarter of 2007. For the first time, LCD TVs outshipped cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs, according to Displaysearch. LCD TVs Outship CRT TVs : Read more
  58. M

    Upgrading to HDTV

    Upgrading from my 20-30" CRT TV to a HDTV. I've got two sets in mind so far. One: Two...
  59. G

    21 CRT Makers Sued

    Irico Group, the biggest CRT maker in China, recently announced that the company has received notification from the North California Court saying that US-based Crago has filed a lawsuit against Irico for monopolizing the CRT market, according to a comp 21 CRT Makers Sued : Read more
  60. V

    Viewsonic - PSeries P225f (HOW Does one UNLOCK THE OCD??)

    As the subject says, How do you unlock the OCD for this monitor? Thanks Guys