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  1. O

    Question Hp pendrive releated issue.

    Why does my 16gb HP v215b pendrive show 15.1gb usable storage? I format it with Fat32 but nothing changes. How is it possible? Thanks for advance. These are screenshots.
  2. NewsFromHell

    Audio frequency check for 4000+ files

    Hello everyone, Recently I noticed that I have many old mp3's which are 30 kHz and I want to replace them with better ones, like convert from FLAC to mp3 48 kHz 320kbps. So is there any software that can analyse all my audio files and tell me which ones are lower than 41 kHz? like in a log file...
  3. Geekernatir

    Looking for a good laptop that will last for a student

    I am looking for a laptop to have as a student. I am doing a science major next year and I want a laptop that will do my research/browsing/data analysis needs. I want to make sure that this laptop will not slow down over the 3 years of my degree. I live in New Zealand and am looking to spend up...
  4. B

    Advice Needed: Work Laptop for Data Processing - $1000 Price Range

    Hello, I need to purchase a laptop for large amounts of data processing. We will be doing large Excel worksheets and Access database type work on the laptop. Could someone suggest a laptop in the $1000 range? The machine probably won't be used for vidya at all - so a strong graphics card is...
  5. V

    Copying / wiping a "protected" hard drive.

    I have an old laptop my school gave to me in year 10. I would like to copy the hard drive then completely wipe it, however they put locks and restrictions on it (i.e lots of blocked websites and cant open any .exes or install any progams. Any ways i can do this?
  6. K

    Laptop for software development

    Hello, and thank you for helping me. 1. What is your budget? Around 800 USD. Preferably under 750. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6" Full HD. I don't want a touch screen laptop. 3. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? It's to replace my old...
  7. G

    Help choosing PC for data analysis

    Hi! I need a solid, fast PC that can last me a good while that will do heavy - duty data analysis quickly (primarily massive matlab data files). I do some low-key gaming, but nothing very reliant on graphics. I have $1500 to spend, and because the money's a grant from a fellowship, money's no...
  8. B

    how can i retrive my previous data in excel.. it was been replace in same sheet??

    My previous data was been replaced by the new data in same sheet in excel...
  9. viveknayyar007

    How To Download All of Your Google Account Data

    Many people use Google's services, including Gmail, Android, Google+, Picasa and more. Google allows you to back up all your data from your Google account. The account data can be backed up in a .ZIP file and can be downloaded for offline use. In order to back up your Google data, follow the...
  10. S


    Hello, have recently installed SAM, an application used for data analysis and works as add-in in office excel. After installing it everytime I start or close Excel a message appears "Microsoft Visual Basic - Compile error in hidden module: samPlotController". Please advise me how to resolve...