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    Question Huawei Y6 : the files I put in the encrypted safe box are deleted when I try to access the box again.

    Hi ! So here is the problem : I tried to put images and videos in the file safe of my phone. I then closed the file explorer, and when I logged back on to the file safe, there were no more files in it. What is weird is that a few monthes ago, the safe was working as intended : but since, I...
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    Question How to recover HDD Files?

    i have accidently deleted drive E. Now i want to recover those files. ive tried Easeus datarecovery but it only recovers 1 GB and need to purchase license to recover more I am Using Windows 10
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    Is the Windows 8 reset option enough to make sure my deleted files are unrecoverable?

    Hello, I am selling my laptop which runs Windows 8.1. I want to be sure that my files can't be recovered by the future user. I just started the Windows 8 Refresh as described on the microsoft website (, and chose the "Fully...