Question Huawei Y6 : the files I put in the encrypted safe box are deleted when I try to access the box again.

Jul 24, 2019
Hi !
So here is the problem : I tried to put images and videos in the file safe of my phone. I then closed the file explorer, and when I logged back on to the file safe, there were no more files in it.

What is weird is that a few monthes ago, the safe was working as intended : but since, I tried putting my SD card as default download location, and then selected my internal storage back. Maybe that's the source of the problem ?

I have two questions :
  1. How can I fix this in order to be able to use the safe box again ?
  2. Could the lost files be retrievable by any chance ?

Thanks in advance !
(android/emui version is 8.0.0)
Yes changing how the SD card works will cause this.

The files would have been encrypted, if you can get them you would need to contact the vendor of the software and ask them.

Yes you can fix it, set the SD card to work in the same way you had it when it was working. You may need to start clean with uninstalling the program and installing it again.

Having files encrypted in some secure storage is safe from having them gotten to, but at the same time create new issues if you are not careful since they are protected in ways that can make recovery impossible or at least very hard.