Question MP3 and SID files... do I need both?

Jun 24, 2022
While trying to organize and clean up my digital music collection, I find that some of the MP3 files have a matching SID file. For example:

Mansion Builder.mp3 (file size 3004 kb)
Mansion Builder.mp3.sid (file size 1 kb)

I know what an MP3 is, but I can't find anything online that tells me what an SID file in this context is for and whether it's necessary. I did run across several explanations for what apparently-unrelated SID files are for (something to do with saving one's place in a game).

As an experiment, I copied both of the above-named files into a separate folder, deleted the SID file, then tried to play the MP3. And it played just fine, even displaying an image of the album cover in Windows Media Player.

Is it safe to just go ahead and delete any SID files I come across? Thanks much. :)
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