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    Help Forgot password

    I forgot my password to my Dell Vostro desktop, because i haven't used it in awhile, how can i get in it?
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    How to turn off "Virus & Threat Protection" annoying useless notifications

    Hi guys. So I built my first PC (a few months ago actually, back in August), installed Windows 10 Pro, no anti-virus protection installed on it or anything because expert technician says that it makes your computer unstable. I am just using the Windows 10 virus protection itself and that seems...
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    my computer was hacked!!!

    when I realized what was going on , I shut the computer down. next day I turned it on and all my programs that I had installed are gone along with all my desktop icons. any Ideas on how to get my program back?
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    Second Monitor is Detected but No signal PC to TV via HDMI

    Hello! I recently bought a Slimline HP Desktop 270-P024, yesterday I tried to watch a movie and decided to connect my desktop to my tv monitor through an HDMI cable. When I booted the PC, the HP Logo showed up on the TV Monitor, but then the signal went off. I checked device manager and my...
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    Desktop icons and symbols in the start bar every 10 minutes disappeare then appeare suddenly, making my laptop slowing down,

    my laptop facing a problem, every now and then symbols appeare then disappeare, my laptop stops for 20 second i can do nothing while its happening??
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    How To Start With New Website

    I want website for making favicons, something like onlinefavicon <<Original link removed by moderator>> Please, any suggestion how to start Thanks in advance
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    Custom shortcut icon whenever the shortcut goes

    Hey people, i need a shortcut for a program to have a specific custom icon on it and the icon not to go away when i move the shortcut to a new directory or computer Thanks alot
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    HDMI laptop TV

    My laptop has a broken screen and I usually use a HDMI cable to hook it up to the TV but in the middle of working on a powerpoint the screen went blank and now won't show anything. After messing with it for a bit I sometimes get my background to show up but no icons. Like I said my laptop...
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    Desktop shortcut organize

    Are there any free software like Fences but without trial ?
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    desktop icons all show windows picture icon

    I'm using Office 10, and last night I was working on 8 spreadsheets, assorted in "tile" on the desktop. I didn't get finished and left them on overnight. This morning most of my desk top icons, including the spreadsheet files had all changed to the Microsoft Pictures icon. I can't open any...
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    by tinura-my all desktop icons,start menu and task bar is missing.

    (Windows 7)My all destop icons,start menu and task bar is missing.In the log on,the computer menu appears.I can my works from it,but I want the destop,star menu and task bar again.If I run the "explorer.exe" on the task manager,only another computer menu appears. (I installed avira antivirus on...
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    desktop icons, start menu and toolbar missing in windows 7 startup

    I don't know what my father did to his netbook. All I can say is it running Windows7 startup. Once you click past the password, there is nothing there, no icons, no start menu, no toolbar, nothing. I am not sure if he downloaded a virus...not sure what to do...
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    need urgent help

    Hello everyone. Guys I've got some urgent questions: I'll be glad if you'd help:. *firstly how you get to know the full model of the laptop. Like I know HP 2000 but the full model/version on windows 8 *secondly my computer is showing only 151gb on E and 97.6 and 48.4 on D and C respectively...
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    Desktop icons not showing

    My desktop icons are not showing,but are working just fine. They are all invisible and I've checked a lot of methods, and I know for a fact they exist and no files were deleted. I'm running windows 8.1 but not the update, so i have no idea what cause the problem. I also tried putting in new...
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    Laptop screen to show desktop screen

    Hi everyone. i have a desktop pc but i dont have a monitor. i also have a laptop. can i use the laptop screen to control the desktop pc ? if it's possible can someone show me how to do it ??
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    Software for "synchronizing" desktop icons between monitors?

    I'm looking for software that will sort of mirror the icons on my primary monitor over to the secondary monitor. I'm not looking to directly mirror the two monitors, just the desktop icons. I know it's kind of a niche request, but if anyone knows of any software that has the option of doing...
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    Start button, Taskbar and Desktop icons missing

    when I open my laptop all desktop icons,taskbar and start menu are missing, In command I typed sfc/scannow - no solutions, Please help.
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    Personal Photos Desktop Icons

    Hello, Why are my personal photos I selected to add in a slideshow showing up on my desktop as icons?
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    External webcam not found on my desktop

    eternal webcam not found on my desktop icons
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    Icons change

    all my Desktop Icons change in to VLC Player how to fix
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    Site:tomshardware com unlock icons on desktop

    unlock desktop icons
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    OS> Desktop ICONS - START MENU -TOOLBAR are missing!?

    pls help me my hp compaq laptop destop icons are missing my start menu not showing,what can i do?
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    Lost desktop icons

    Hello, ive lost my desktop icons and toolbar, i cant right click or restore to a previous date? is there anything else i can do?
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    Laptop mouse not working desktop

    Hello, My built-in laptop mouse will not activate desktop icons and will not work at all on desktop. However, it works fine on toolbar icons and on activating the Start menu. Have reduced desktop icons from 25 to 10 but that has not helped. Have restored computer to a month ago state and have...
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    How do i unlock my desktop icons on windows 7

    somehow my icons have been locked. i can't even right click on desktop. how do i fix this on windows 7. thanks
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    How to get original yahoo icon back on desktop[

    Hello,i've tried for days i had to restore desktop icons all came back. yahoo icon is not the original one it shows address not valid how to fix
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    How to unlock desktop icons on Windows 98

    Somehow all my desktop icons have become locked in position, except as choose the four arrangement options, by size, type, date or alphabetical. I'd like to "loosen" them for customized arrangements.
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    Removing Shortcut bar icon on Firefox icon

    Hi, I want to remove the shortcut bar on only one desktop icon--of the Firefox browser. I know there's the TweakUI program, but I'm pretty sure that program makes ALL desktop icons have no shortcut bar, right? Obviously, I do not want that. Is there a registry hack that would accomplish this...
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    Lock Desktop Icons

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops,microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) We have a new laptop with Windows XP/SP 3 and are setting it up so there will be three users with their own logons. How do you lock the Desktop Icons so each user has the display wanted. Presently, when my...