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  1. F

    HDMI board on LG TV gone, want to connect Apple TV with RBG but no sound

    The HDMI ports on my LG TV stopped working and now just show "no signal". I don't want to buy a new TV yet, so got a RGB converter (because I like the higher quality HD) and a digital audio cable to transmit the sound. Tested Apple TV and HDMI cables - all fine. I have plugged the Apple TV into...
  2. S

    I need a way to turn my digital (optical) audio output into a 3.5mm aux output.

    Alright my TV only has one audio output, and it's a digital audio output, I can't use this for my headset that I want to use with my Television. My headset takes 3.5mm auxiliary audio, it can use the red and white rca, but I really prefer not using 2 adapters for one system of audio. I looked...
  3. guitargod213

    Surround sound not outputing through pc.

    So i was trying to hook up my old RCA RT2770 5.1 channel surround sound to my pc. Using the motherboards built in s/pdif port and the receivers it seems that only stereo is being output (with sub woofer). However with the test built into the windows settings it is output just fine. I opened up...