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  1. L

    Bad Display Connection on Digital Storm Lance

    I have been having an issue with the screen on my laptop flashing on and off. It has gotten to the point where it has basically become a desktop for me. I have to use it hooked up to a monitor or a TV. Digital Storms support has been to tell me to send it in without explaining what the issue is...
  2. W

    Need help looking for 2500$ gaming rig or less

    I am struggling with what to go with for my new gaming rig figure I would ask for help from the masses. I have looked at xoticpc, sager, origin, digital storm, msi and asus. I like the boutique dealers such as origin and digital storm I guess even xoticpc would be considered as well. The thing...
  3. W

    Need help deciding on high end gaming laptop questions looking for some opinions and help

    I need a little help deciding on what laptop I should purchase. I have it narrowed down to a digital storm, originpc, or the msi gt80 titan sli. My issue is I know that digital storm and originpc have top notch service and make top of the line laptops. However when I compare these two to the...
  4. C

    Aorus vs Gigabyte vs MSI vs Digital Storm

    Hello, so yea these are the laptops I'm trying to decide. Which ones will perform the best and last the longest. Aorus x3 GIGABYTE P34K-CF1...
  5. Kuixiv

    Digital Storm Bolt II

    Been hard to find any good reviews for it... Should I buy the Digital Storm 'Bolt II"?
  6. S

    What should I get g750jz vs aorus x3 plus vs aorus x7 2014 vs digital storm lance Lv.2 or etc. or wait

    1) What is your budget? $2500 2) What size notebook would you prefer? Any size except 13" or lower 3) Where will you buying this notebook? You can select the flag of your country as an indicator Online/Australia 5) Would you consider laptops that are refurbished/redistributed? No 6) What...
  7. J

    EUROPE - Best gaming laptop for the buck

    Hello guys; I've been drooling on US website such as digital storm, xoticpc and others but I currently live in europe, Switzerland precisely. And I really want to buy a new laptop. I play a lot of CS:GO but that's pretty much it and my budget is around 800-1100€, the cheapest the best. Also...
  8. D

    digital storm review

    anybody get a comouter from digital storm? thoughts... thanks
  9. K

    DIgital Storm - Javelin, decent value for money?

    Hey guys, I need to get a new gaming laptop and Ive gone through a lot of threads that say the main gaming laptop companies (eg alienware) have horrible value for money. I found this laptop from Digital Storm which sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Wanted to ask your opinion on it: $1,365...
  10. M

    Is my late 2013 Toshiba Satellite L50-A01Q worth $1100 to resell (its 3 months old)

    I am wanting to resell my late 2013 Toshiba Satellite L50-A01Q for $1100 because i paid $1800 in total because of is it worth reselling it at $1100 too expensive?... or is this just right? (i am selling it to buy a Digital Storm VANQUISH ii )
  11. N

    Other brands like Digital Storm/Cyberpower?

    What are other brands similar to these for laptops? Trying to help a friend find his perfect laptop, I always only suggest name brands like Asus but want to check out these custom made ones. Which brand would be the best?
  12. T

    Gaming Laptop: Gentech vs Mythlogic (vs Digital Storm maybe)

    I'm pretty set on getting my next gaming laptop from one of these two(3) companies. I just want the most reliably built computer with the best customer service. Haven't been able to find much info online directly comparing these companies. Firsthand testimonials are most welcome. Perceived...
  13. G

    msi, sager, origin, digital storm, razer, alienware, Help!

    I am getting a new laptop for school. Although it is for school I will be using it as my main gaming device. I have been looking at these companies for a while, but cant figure out which is the best. My budget is about $2300. I will be building a desktop soon, but for now, it needs to be a...