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    Call of duty ww2 crashes

    Hi, i downloaded cod ww2 today...it did start and work fine for few minutes then suddenly it showed an error " disk read error" fatal error.. I did not understand the cause of it..can anyone help me fix it pleasee
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    Formatting-External drive not found... on xbox one/pc or mac

    I just got a Samsung M3 portable 1TB drive... I hooked it up to my xbox one and it gave me the option to format for media or games and apps.... I picked games and apps it formatted but when I go to storage its not there, when I go to back up and transfer it says external drive not found. So I...
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    Solved! Toshiba with Windows Vista showing disk read error

    Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista showing disk read error. At first when booted up it tried to do a Windows repair but would never finish. I tried that about 3 times. Then it came up disk read error. I tried using the recovery disk that came with it,it would say loading Windows files and go no...
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    CD Drive Not Working

    Toshiba Satellite R630 - CD Drive not reading any discs! Have cleaned the drive head as well. Driver is also properly installed. What more should I do to ensure it reads discs?
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    Laptop isn't working

    Greetings, my laptop is ASUS N55SF and for a few months I had a problem with disk usage after boot. It was sticking at 99-100% usage while transferring only 10Mb/s max unable to do anything else. Unfortunatelly my laptop sustained a hit recently and I can't get into windows. There was a...
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    error disk AO725

    when I turned my Acer Aspire One 725 netbook, on screen appeared this note, "a disk read error occured press Alt+Ctrl+Del to r
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    Nv5329 gateway disk read error

    The laptop will go into bios, but cannot get into safe mode or access anything internally, Trinity rescue kit will run but both that and the recovery disks stall out. Started shortly after installing windows 10. Any ideas what it could be or if the system can be wiped to start again?
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    Help guys!my brother recently just shut down the laptop and sometimes dropped the laptop.and got this 'A disk read error'

    Well..im only 14 so..i dont know what to do..guys,expert please help....and dont give explaination that a 14 year old that dont understand:( guys please help..the laptop just repeat when i just press crtl+alt+del.plss :(...btw i tried to take the hdd out and put it back in adn no work..and then...
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    acer disk error

    so my acer was working just fine until I got it backfrom a roommate and when I tried to turn it on is had said disk read error press ctrl alt del and I did it many times but to no avail, then I pressed F2 for setup boot or what not and now I says nothing but a black blank screen and will not...
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    screen says disk read error

    When turning on laptop screen says disk read error... Press ctl-alt-del then reboots and repeats same problem. Only other option is hitting f2 bringing up setup utility menu. Can anyone help.
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    Disk Read Error While install windows 7 on SSD

    HI, I'm new to this forum. I have Alienware M14x R2 (2012), just got a new SSD. I installed windows 7 from USB on the new SSD where first run went by just fine. Then, when it is rebooting to complete the installation, the hard was not reading and kept giving me this error, " disk read error...
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    a disk read error occured

    I try to Iog in to me laptop but that message keeps popping up I was control alt delete but it restarts and the message reoccurs This problem mayoccurred because in didn't use that laptop for about 2 weeks
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    Disk Read Error!

    Oh dear! I also have a disk read error on my Samsung laptop Model R519 bought Nov 2010. Many months now I have been trying to fix the problem & have tried the CHKDSK thing on You Tube but have not done a clean format & re-install yet. I am tempted to go out and purchase a new laptop but at same...
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    Solution To This? (A Disk Read Error) Details inside on what I am trying to do

    Ok so last month my other laptop's hard drive died so of course with no hard drive = dead computer. I found a external drive laying around and I tried to put Windows to go on it but after reading into it more like I should have, some posts say windows to go only works on USB drives NOT external...
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    Dropped laptop now receiving error message

    I dropped my laptop and I am now getting a "A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" is there anyway I can recover and get all of my data and files (like papers and photos). I don't care about the computer anymore. Just want my stuff.
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    How to fix a disk read error? -(tried reinstalling Ubuntu)

    Hello. I have an acer 5732z and I would like to get it running. Is there something with the HDD? (320 gig wd) or maybe ram? Ubuntu will not install, so I think the HDD, but I am not positive. You can also send questions or answers to genesisgecko@gmail.com
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    my toshiba taptop wont open

    HI , please i need ugent help. my toshiba laptop will not open . if i swhitch it on i only see a black screan with a writening , A disk read error press Ctrl+Atrl+Del. can any one give mean help on how to go about it to resolve the problem. Thanks in addvance.
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    Asus G53SW Unable to Boot

    Guys this PC is practically unbootable now, 8 out of 10 times it gives a "Disk Read Error..." or "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device..." errors. This 2nd error was the original issue I thought I'd fixed by replacing HDD & installing clean Win7 Home premium. For background info please see this...
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    A disk read error occured press ctrl alt del to restart

    Hello, i have acer aspire 5750 !! with win 7 install when i am turning on he says ( disk read error occured press ctrl alt del to restart ) !! when i reboot up to 5 6 time he says ( error loading operating system ) anyone can help mee ???? thnks !!!
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    Answer on A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

    hi , kindly give the answer on above question
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    Hard Drive Disk Read Error Message

    I recently got a Disk Read Error Message, nobody on laptop actually this happened while we were asleep. Tried everything I now to restart computer same message came up. Laptop (Acer) only 4 months old, did call technical support was charged a cost for running a PLU Test to try and extract files...
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    Disk read error

    Hello, i have a toshiba laptop and when turn on only get black screen with disk read error pess ctrl alt del to restart did that and sme thing any suggestions tried remove and put hard drive and ram chip no help
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    'A Disk Read Error Occured'

    Hello! My Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro notebook suddenly restarted and while booting, I only get this message: "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart" Upon pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, I get stuck at the same message. I've tried using my MS Vista DVD to check/repair the disk...
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    A disk read error occurred press ctrl alt del on vista laptops

    Hello, i have a sony vaio vgnar31s which says a disk read error occurred press Ctrl alt delete to restart. Any one have any idea how to fix?
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    A disk read error occurred press ctrl alt del on vista laptops

    Hello, i have a sony vaio vgnar31s which says a disk read error occurred press Ctrl alt delete to restart. Any one have any idea how to fix?
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    Solved! Urgent: Disk read error has occurred, press ctrl alt delete to restart

    Same error message is received on my Dell D800 w/XP running error message states only Disk Read Error press Alt ,Del, Ctrl , which loops all over continually and nothing ever happens I cant' reach my desktop now Please send help :pt1cable: :bounce:
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    Acer Aspire won\'t go into safe mode has disk read error

    Acer has Disk read error, I tried ctrl+ alt+ delete That does not work. What else can i try?
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    Solved! Error reading disk windows 7

    Hello, i got intel centrino duo gateway and it says "a disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" i have windows 7 and i try to reinstall it but it just stayed loading at part.. microsoft corporation... can someone help me?
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    A disk read error occurred press ctrl alt del to restart vista

    Hello, How do i go about this message on my screen 'disk read error press ctrl alt del to restart.the name of laptop is hp pavillion dv2000
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    Urgent: Disk read error has occurred, press ctrl alt delete to restart

    Okay, so here's what's up. I tried to search a bit for this topic but I didn't find anything helpful... if I failed, I'm sorry. My friend's computer got this error message today. "Disk read error has occurred...press ctrl alt delete to restart." :cry: Usually I wouldn't be in such a rush but...
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    Alienware m9750 reporting no problems after 2 years

    hi all, i have an alienware m9750 laptop, and after almost 2 years i am neither experiencing problems with my operating system (xp) or hardware. Seeing as most people experience PC problems within 6 months or so, i was wondering if there might be something wrong with my setup. i find myself...