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    Chrome Now Needs Hardware Acceleration?

    In order to resolve a forgotten past issue, I Turned Off hardware acceleration in google chrome. It has been off for quite some time. Lately I've begun having display issues when chrome is maximized, i.e., trails following a window I move around as well as sluggish behavior with the context menu...
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    My laptop's screen is blank, yesterday it was good, Please suggest me what to do

    Last day my laptop is working fine but now when i switched on my laptop, it shows blank screen. I have already remove battery and restart it again but facing the same issue. Please let me know the solution.
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    Acer Aspire 7741G laptop screen turns off in normal mode after 30 seconds

    Ok so i was watching the martian and my laptop froze 30 minutes into the movie, i restarted the laptop and the screen locked up and turn pink then went black. I had an HDMI connected too and they both went blank (the TV was showing "no signal"). I then booted the computer up in safe mode and...