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    Solved! Your computer appears to be configured correctly but the device, or resource (dns server) is not responding.

    Randomly at times of the day sites become unreachable, i diagnosed my Ethernet and that message pops up "Your computer appears to be configured correctly but the device, or resource (DNS server) is not responding". I've tried everything in the world, every CMD prompt from Microsoft, reinstalling...
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    Antivirus Program has detected no viruses, yet all browsers are still slow

    Recently I downloaded some stupid malware from thepiratebay which hijacked my computer and downloaded a plethora of viruses. I supposedly had cleaned all of them off of my computer yet all my browsers are working incredibly slow. Chrome won't even open a page because it keeps saying DNS error...
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    DNS error in Broadband

    hello guys, my broadband isn't working properly. whenever i open Google Chrome or IE, it says "Your DNS Server might be unavailable". I tried surfing on my desktop as well as laptop. I tried resetting the modem but problem remains same. I have no idea what is this. Now i m thinking of...
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    Internet extremely sluggish and occasional "server not found" on firefox.

    Hello everyone I am running windows 8.1 on a laptop. So long story short my ISP had a problem ("Unidentified Network") with my whole house yesterday, fixed the internet in 2 days , then only skype was working but firefox said "server not found" and other browsers didn't respond at all. Then I...
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    Facing two problems

    Hi , I am facing two problems. 1) When I am trying to open a site for example tomshardware , I am getting some sort of DNS error and then on refreshing its opening the page. Its happening on every site.The error : Link 2) I am unable to see most of the pics in Facebook and any pics in other site...
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    Facebook and some other sites dont work properly, please help

    Hello I would like to know why this happened to me, because I really dont know ... everything was fine, all pages were working good, but then I left pc and when I came back, facebook and some other sites just dont want to load ... I see only text, no pictures etc. some screens...
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    Cant connect to US Netflix using a DNS

    Hello. Whenever i try to connect to the american netflix using a DNS, netflix will just load for 4 minutes and then say "cant connect you to netflix, try again or visit netflix.com/tvhelp" I tried doing the things there but nothing worked. I am from Denmark and the danish netflix works fine...
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    wireless internet connection windows ce

    I get DNS error when i try to connect internet on Augen netbook
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    X6-7a notebook connection problems

    i was given a x6 7a notebook i am having problem connecting to the internet. it says cannot find server and dns error