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    Solved! Laptop starts working on full perfromance only being full charged (100%)

    Cpu drops the frequency, fps is lower. However,when laptop is full charged, it starts working on stable frequency, no drops in fps and its much higher. Have no idea what's going on.
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    Cpu overclocking its frequency + max fan

    Hi, I have a recently new laptop that runs windows 10; with 8gb of ram and an Intel i7-4712MQ @ 2.30GHz (thermal paste). I am having issues with the CPU going to its max frequency and higher (up to 3.3Ghz) even though the CPU usage is as little as 1%-25%. The fan then goes to its full spin to...
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    Which Lptop should I choose?

    Hello everybody! I want to buy a new computer and as I am a student I'll have to be able to take it everywhere so I've chosen to take a Laptop. the question which arises now is: Which one to choose?! I'll use it for Video editing (not professional: Pinnacle Studio 16) and for some Games such as...
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    Very low memory values in CPU-Z

    Hello, today I wanted to check if my RAM is running in dual-channel and I found out that DRAM frequency and NB frequency shows extremely low values - here is screenshot from cpu-z: http://i.imgur.com/JKcPD.jpg In Bios and while booting it shows RAM frequency is 1333 and NB at default 2000 MHz...