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  1. V

    Solved! odd and even number print

    hey i have canon 6030 printer as u know this printer cant print dual layer of a paper so i wonder if i want to print like 100 pages is there anyway to specify printing odd page numbers , later u take those print then use back side and tell the app to print even numbers??
  2. M

    Solved! dvc sub with svc sub

    omg ive seen people asking about hooking up a single voice coil sub with a dual voice coil sub to one channal. I have two jl twelves. One is a w6s3dv4 and a w3 sub with a single voice couil and im hookinfg themnup to an jl 900 hd amp. please somebody point me in the direction to find an answer...
  3. S

    Solved! Dual Graphics is not woking (Serious)

    Hi Guys, I have read several articles about the dual graphics provided by AMD that is not working. the thing is, my case is quite different from those articles. I have Asus x550z that has AMD R6 Graphics and R7M265DX. I left it not updated for couple years. then when I tried to update it...
  4. E

    2sim card model

    Will the s10 plus model have a dual sim model
  5. T

    How to configure dual PC streaming setup with capture card?

    Hello, I am planning to build a streaming setup. I have my laptop ASUS ROG with GTX1050 GPU and Intel® Core™ i7 7700HQ Processor. I play games on this laptop with a gaming keyboard, mouse, headset and external monitor attached to laptop. Together with that I have an old PC sitting doing nothing...
  6. T

    Frame rate drop with dual screen

    Hello, I have an MSI GS60 laptop running a 970m GPU. Running windows 10. I’m recently away with work and am trying to run a dual screen setup, laptop display and an HDMI connected monitor. I mainly play League of Legends. Without a second monitor I can run it at ~150 fps on highest graphics...
  7. S

    Solved! Dell precision M6800 and dual Samsung cf39 monitors.

    I have a dell precision M6800 and have recently bought dual Samsung cf39 monitors. The monitors have hdmi and serial hookups. I haven’t been able to get the monitors to display my laptop. I hooked up one monitor to hdmi and the other to the serial. I also tried to hookup just one and...
  8. M

    Solved! Dual audio output on samsung smart tv

    I have a samsung ua55mu6100w tv. My father is slightly deaf so the audio is always up very loud. I would like to be able to hear the audio through the tv speaker and the bluetooth headphones at the same time so he can have the audio at a level that he can hear but it isn't too loud through the...
  9. J

    Solved! Connecting Two TV via HDMI Adapter

    My dual HDMI Adapter does not work when I connect both TV to see the same show
  10. T

    Need help for dual projector 3d setup.

    I want to do a dual projector 3d setup. From what I have read is following things will be required. 1. Two DLP projector with 3d or without doesn't matter. 2. Polarizing filter. I will go with linear one. 3. Silver screen. 4. PC with stereoscopic player or any other software that split 3d video...
  11. D

    Solved! Are vizio TVs dual voltage?

    The back panel says 110v but inside the power supply board clearly says 110-240v.
  12. T

    Solved! How to set default sim card for each call on samsung j6

    Samsung J6 is dual sim, I have sim 1 to call family and friends, and sim 2 for business. How to set for every person to be called from exact sim card. I had that on my ex General Mobile 4G. Tnx!
  13. I

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Dual Pistols Tips

    The dual pistols were added to the game with the v4.5 patch of the Fortnite Battle Royale. So if you want to know about the weapon and get tips on using it effectively, then read the tips given below: Use at Close Range: If there is anything thing important that you should know about the dual...
  14. suteck

    Dual Graphics set up in an Alienware m18X R2

    I have a dual gpu set up (7970m) and the primary card started putting lines in the display. I removed the card and moved the secondary into the primary slot. After boot up multiple times the bios and operating system recognized it and all was working. My question is, if I put the first card in...
  15. P

    Kenwood SL16 Control System Cable

    Mine has 3.5 mm dual jacks on the receiver and dual jacks on the 5 disk changer. Does anyone know if ‘‘these jacks are stereo or mono? Kenwood VR405 receiver and Kenwood DPF-R4010 cd changer.
  16. T

    AMD dual graphics

    Hey. I have little problem. I have lenovo z50-75 laptop.CPU: amd a8-7100 radeon r5, 8 compute cores 4c+4g 1.8GHz-3.0GHz GPU: amd radeon R5 integrated and amd radeon R6 m255dx switchable. RAM: 8GB. I can't find how select r6 for games.
  17. M

    Do dual dimmer smart switches exist?

    I’ve installed multiple TP-Link HS200 switches around my home. Now I want to replace my fan/light switch with a smart switch. The current (not smart) switch has 2 dimmers - 1 one for the fan speed and 1 for the light brightness - all on one smart switch. Do you know of any dual dimmer smart...
  18. C

    Car Sub woofer wiring

    Can 2 Dual voice coil 2ohm subwoofers be wired for a 4ohm load
  19. S

    Dual headphones avantree

    We purchased an oled lg tv. We have a pair of avantree headphones and a privy lll transmitter. I can get one headset to work with tv. Is there anyway to use the transmitter with this oled tv so I can use both headsets at the same time
  20. O

    How to use an XLR for Dual-PC Twitch Streaming

    Hello everybody, I run a very basic DUAL-PC setup for my Twitch streams, of which I want to upgrade my audio. Gaming PC Elgato HD60 Streaming PC Above is the very basic route all my audio follows. All the audio from my gaming pc goes through my Elgato HD60 and to my streaming pc, ultimately...
  21. H

    Asus K501U i5 has a fan missing?

    My girlfriend bought a brand new ASUS K501U from Currys PC world ~2 years ago. Just opened the back up today to clean out the fan/ heatsink as id noticed it was getting rather hot (>80 degrees on gpu) and found that it has only 1 fan, the videos I was watching showed the same laptop but with 2...
  22. R

    Solved! Connecting older Bose dual box stand speakers to my used Sony kdl40xbr4 flatscreen tv

    How do I connect my older Bose dual box stand speakers to my used Sony kdl40xbr4 flatscreen tv
  23. F

    can i run gta 5

    i wanted to try gta v for my pc i wonder if someone can help my specs are same like this dude http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-2597178/laptop-run-gta.html but ive got dual gpu my main gpu will be AMD Radeon(TM) R5 M330 and the other one is the Intel HD Graphics 5000 most of my research is...
  24. T

    Dual Gaming Laptop stream setup

    Hi, I am interested to set up a dual pc streaming system with 2 gaming laptops but dont want to spend the money before understanding how and it will be likely to function. First specs: Gaming PC GTX 1080 8gb vram I7-6700HQ 16GB Ram Streaming PC (my old gaming laptop) GTX570M 1.5gb vram...
  25. K

    Microhpone Fixes Please help.

    I have a dual headphone jack into one headphone jack and the headset works but the mic doesnt any fixes?
  26. T

    hi, samsung note4 N9100 HK dual sim, please help

    I really need to know how to expand internal memory, already buyed a 128gb class 10, ok for foto but I don't know how to expand internal memory on this sdcard , is there some body solved this problem on this model? thank you every body
  27. L

    my wifi router is dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz but my Fire 7 5th Generation can only locate the 2.4GHz signal. I have manually tried

    Fire 5th Generation not locating 5 ghz wireless signal
  28. 8

    wireless module not supported wlan module id 702

    Installed dual band wireless card, now it's giving me "wireless module not supported The system has detected a wireless module installed in the system that is not supported. System halted. Please remove device and restart. WLAN module id (702)" This is on a Hp pavillion Dv-6178us. I bought an...
  29. L

    Dual Gpu problem on laptop

    Ive been using my laptop Msi ge72mvr 7rg laptop for 8 months it had a stutters and hiccups from the start and to till day i re-windowed 3 times but no use im just frustrated with this shit help me here please. https://youtu.be/txQZWfWFhlc This following link shows my problem although its not my...
  30. D

    How to connect Dual Cassette Deck to Yamaha AV 5830

    I have a Fisher Dual Cassette Deck that I want to play thru my Yamaha AV 5830 but there are no Tape Inputs. Help
  31. L

    I have 32 inch vizio hooked along with ROKU. The pictgure from dish network is cut off at the bottom.

    I have 32 inch vizio hooked along with ROKU. The pictgure from dish network is cut off at the bottom. The picture thru ROKU is fine, When I click on guide, in dish, the term dual mode is shown at the top left side, then goes away.
  32. S

    how to install windows

    If you don't mind my asking How to install windows on dual cored 64 bit tablet, if it is possible at all. I searched in the web and found the drivers package but they are in exe format and I can't run them, I also tried change my software and it didn't work either. Is there another way.
  33. A

    Can I still use the dual 144hz monitor

    I have a 1070 with of course only has one dvi and the 144hz monitors I have need the hdmi and dvi to get the full 144hz and with this I can only run 144hz on one and 60 on the other. Is there any other way to doing this besides getting a second gpu and still have both using the full 144hz?
  34. Z

    Using an HDMI splitter and HDMI to dual Ethernet adapter. Satellite works but PS4 doesn't

    I currently have a non-powered male HDMI in dual HDMI female out adapter. On one female output I have a HDMI cable going to my living room tv. The other female output is attached to a male HDMI in dual Ethernet out sender which both ports are attached to 75 foot of CAT 6 RJ45 Ethernet cable. The...
  35. FriendlyMelon

    Old turntable (Dual 704) help needed and question(s)

    Hi there, I found an old turntable in my grandpa's house and as I don't know a lot about it and don't understand most manuals I find on the internet, I need some help. It is a Dual 704 (imgur link below for pictures), I figured out that it doesn't have a build-in pre-amp (I got one, see the...
  36. A

    Dell Inspiron 15 3541 bluray upgrade?

    I want to max out my Dell Inspiron 15 3541... what bluray player/dvd +-rw dual layer burner is compatable with this setup?
  37. L

    How to track my lost phone SONY XPERIA c3 dual using imei number

    Please Help me
  38. D

    How to connect powered speakers and a powered subwoofer to my computer?

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a pair of JBL 305 powered speakers and I already have a Polk Audio PSW10 powered subwoofer. I'm clueless on how to connect them to my computer. My old speakers have a subwoofer out jack that I can connect them with a subwoofer cable. However, the JBL 305 and the subwoofer...
  39. F

    Asgard 2 + JBL LSR305 + SUB?

    Recently bought LSR305's and would like to add a sub to my computer setup. They are currently hooked into my Asgard 2 using dual TS to dual RCA. Is there a way to add a sub (Polk Audio PSW10), what cables/connections would I need to get this working? Would I have to buy a different audio interface?
  40. R

    ASUS Dual Intelligence Processors 5

    I recently finished my build and had everything up and running. I had to reinstall Windows though. Since reinstalling Windows I haven't been able to find a download link for Dual Intelligence Process 5. I have the Asus Strix x370-f Gaming. I downloaded and install everything off the support...
  41. J

    LG 34UM61 as monitors for CPU

    I have dual LG 34UM61 monitors, and would love to use the built in speakers of one of them to play the sound from my computer. Currently connections are HDMI to DVI and HDMI to DisplayPort (tv to CPU respectively). How can I get audio to play from the LGs? Please advise.
  42. B

    wil dual ssd save battery?

    I want long battery life, will having 2 ssd instead of typical ssd/hdd combo help?
  43. S

    High rms amp with low rms sub

    I have a 12" Dual 4 Ohm GS Series SubwooferPeak: 2000 wattsRMS: 420 wattsRMS (CEA-2031 Approved): 520 watts to be matted with Armor 3000W Monoblock, 3000 W MAX Power 1 Channel 2250 W X 1 RMS @ 1 ohm PEAK POWER @ 2 Ω 1500 Watts x 1 1125 W X 1 RMS @ 2 ohm PEAK POWER @ 4 Ω 750 Watts x 1 563 W X 1...
  44. K

    looking for a replacement dual vidieo card for my dell xps1730m

    my vidieo card went in my dell xps1730 m were can i find one or can i fix it
  45. R

    OTA dual DVR'S with wi-fi

    Cord cutting with 4 newer HD TV's...1 outdoor HD Antenna with splitter hooked up to only Co-Axel output...NEED 2 dual DVR'S that have Wi-Fi and will Pause/Play and record my OTA signal from my Outdoor rooftop Antenna....what's OUT THERE __ I was planning on using existing Dish co-axel setup...
  46. K

    Earpiece Microphone will not work with a jack splitter

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a A-Jays Four + earpiece and could not get the microphone to work with my jacksplitter. This is my jacksplitter : The thing is that sometimes the microphone does work when i enable the listen to myself function but most of the time it doesnt work.The...
  47. K

    Help/suggestions for my audio setup

    Hello, so I have a dual PC setup and I'm looking for a solution for my audio. So I have a desktop PC and a laptop. Right now I mostly use my laptop as the main computer and my desktop for media and other stuff like that while gaming and doing other stuff on the laptop. My desktop is connected to...
  48. J

    Can My DVD Player Write Dual Layers?

    How do I know if my DVD player can write dual layers? Belarc Advisor describes it as HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GHB0N SCSI CdRom Device [Optical drive]
  49. R

    dual booted before but now windows can't be booted

    i had windows 10 installed, then dual booted fedora in another partition of hard disk. but now windows didn't show up during boot. there was no grub interface as well. I tried to reinstall windows in c by formatting the windows partition but what i got was, after finishing the installation...
  50. M

    I Play music from Pandora through my Ipad which is Bluetooth connected to my reciever for the music inside my house. (linked t

    Bluetooth dual paring speakers from an Ipad.
  51. S

    Dual Laptop Graphics

    I have 2 Nvidia 750m graphics cards in my laptop, but while running games only 1 is being utilized. Anyway to use both simultaneously. Certain Games automatically utilize both cards at the same time , but most don't. Any solution?
  52. M

    How can i disable dual graphics in my laptop?

    I have a HP Pavilion DV6 6135dx and it has that dual graphics thing in it HD6620G and HD6750m 1GB I would like to completely disable the HD6620G Cause I feel like it's slowing down the HD6750m Is it possible? Thanks
  53. S

    Windows 10 64bit graphics drivers for HP G6-2302ax

    Product Name: HP pavilion G6-2302AX Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) I have bought the HP G6-2302AX back in 2014. It came pre-installed with Windows 8 64-bit OS. Drivers for the laptop was available at HP support page of this model. in 2015, The laptop was upgraded to Windows 8.1...
  54. U

    dual 1254 cartridge

    Hello. I just acquired an older dual model 1254 turntable. The cartridge is hanging loose from the head shell and i see no screws or clips with which to reattach it. This is not a typical 1/2 " inch head sheat can be removed with a collar. Any help would be appreciated.
  55. B

    do I need any kind of special ssd to replace the dual hdd on my Asus X750JB?

    I have an Asus X750JB laptop with dual hdd of 1tb each and want to replace them with ssd. do I have to use any special kind of ssd and can I just replace 1 hdd or do I need to replace both?
  56. J

    Will dual 550 Ti SLI work?

    I have 4 550 Ti(I know they're old, we cant afford new graphics cards, nor can our case fit a modern graphics card that has Aura.) and I'm wondering if dual SLI would be VR ready.
  57. L

    i have a messenger on my laptop, i want to clone it. so that i can have dual account on the laptop. how do i do it?

    i have frim messenger on my laptop, i want to clone it so i can open it with two accounts.
  58. J

    I have a dual camera but can only view the rear view on the camera but not my PC - why?

    How do I view rear view pictures on my PC. I have a BMW dual car camera.
  59. R

    Regular dual core at 2.8ghz or hyperthreaded dual(now quad) core at 2.3ghz?

    Which one would provide more performance, assuming IPC and cache and all that is the same?
  60. A

    How speakers with dual RCA input work

    Hey, I am lookig to get this speakers for my bedroom. http://tecsys.com.uy/producto/parlante-thonet-vander-2-0-kurbis-50w/ I am planning to plug the PC and my TV to it through the dual RCA inputs. I cant see any switch to choose with input to use. How does this work? Thanks!