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  1. A

    Duron Morgan Unlocking

    How to unlock a Morgan 1300MHz Duron? Is it true that Spitfire is matching L1 bridges and Morgan is matching L7? Thanx
  2. Crashman

    Duron 950 won't unlock

    Tried 6 times with the pencil trick on the L1 bridges, is there something else stopping it? <font color=blue>You're posting in a forum with class. It may be third class, but it's still class!</font color=blue>
  3. Spitfire_x86

    Need "Morgan" Duron unlocking info

    I want to unlock my Duron 1 GHz (Morgan core). My questions:- #1 Does anybody know how to unlock it? #2 Can I do it using pencil only? #3 Will Duron 1 GHz at 7.5x133 consumes same power as 1 GHz at 10x100 ? (both at equal voltage) #4 Do I need to increase voltage to run my Duron 1 GHz (10 x...
  4. G

    duron overclock?

    well its not smth new when it comes to unlock a duron. well guys i have a duron 950 mhz locked. and i tried to unlock joining the L1 bridges with a pencil but without to see any result. Also I have a gigabyte 7vtxe+ mobo and i dont know if exist the possibility to change the multiplier to this...
  5. P

    Duron ulnock the same way as Athlons?

    I plan to buy a Duron 750 for a second pc. Does the multiplier unlock if i cross the l1 bridge or it requires a different procedure? Also in the Duron is the voltage also locked? Last question. I see in the market only 100-200fsb duron. Are there any 133-266 models? Thanks for your help Palpatine
  6. G

    DivX Duron x Athlon

    Hi folks Does anyone has the experience to say if an Athlon is any better than a Duron when it comes to DivX Play? Is the larger L2 Cache important in this matter? Note: I have a Duron running at 900Mhz with 128M PC133 Cas2 and, playing home videos coded with DivX Fast 6000Kb/s is not smooth...
  7. G

    Toms SETI, it took me............

    I compiled one and it took me 17 hours i mean i had it going solid but i was using my pc as well icq, word, adobe, and watching vids but it took me 17 hours with a duron 800 128 pc-133 was this a long long time for me or pretty good?
  8. O

    How to unlock Tbird/Duron

    I know its something with the L1 Bridges, however what exactly do I do? I looked through the articles and I really can't find it. what kind of pencil do I use? Thanks.
  9. O

    How to unlock a duron/tbird chip

    Hi, I would like to know specifically how to unlock the multiplier on a duron and a tbird chip. If im not mistaken, is this the l1 bridge method? IF so, how do I do it?
  10. G

    Stuff up Duron while unlocking

    has any one ever stuffed any of thier parts while trying to unlock thier duron ie: cpu, motherboard if you did what happened
  11. G

    Conducive Pencils

    Where can I get a conducive pencil for connecting the bridges on the duron\t-bird processors to unlock them? Thanks for your help.