DivX Duron x Athlon



Hi folks

Does anyone has the experience to say if an Athlon is any better than a Duron when it comes to DivX Play?

Is the larger L2 Cache important in this matter?

Note: I have a Duron running at 900Mhz with 128M PC133 Cas2 and, playing home videos coded with DivX Fast 6000Kb/s is not smooth. Also, Win Me, Riva TNT, IBM 30G 7200rpm, MSI K7T Pro2


OC is nice but risky!


I know that when you are encoding in DivX, the time of encoding only depends on the clock speed of your processor and the speed of the front side bus. No matter if you have a Duron or a Thunderbird, you will get the same time of encoding if you have the same clock speed and front side bus speed. When playing a DivX, the L2 cache is more important but with a 900 mhz, you are supposed to have no problems playing it. My friend have a celeron 400 mhz and he's able to play divx movies without lost of frames...

Be sure to close all applications running in background when you try to play movies...

hope this was helpful!


I played DivX movies on a Duron 600 w/o any problems.
so it's not the CPU. my mobo was the MSI K7T (MSI6330) with 64mb PC100 ram, WD 20gig 7200rpm, win98se.
you should check what's running in the background. use the system configuration tool that you can find in the system information program. you will be surprised how many progs are loaded on startup and how many of them are just crap using CPU power for nothing usefull. also check your display drivers and the VIA 4in1 drivers.
check with the system monitor the CPU usage while playing a DivX. if it is way under 100% you may try another player than media player. at www.divx-digest.com they have a nice collection.



Thanks Tommy13
Thanks NermalX

I've tried the Via 4in1Drivers and it didn't help

I've checked the CPU usage and it was almost always 100%

Next thing, I've tried another Codec.

First I was using DivX 3.11 (Fast 3000Kb/s and 6000Kb/s)
Then I've tried "Angelpotion" and something nice happened!

I can now compress my home movies at 720x576 25fps and play them almost 100% smooth.

The CPU usage is under 95%, 95% of the time, so the movies are played very smooth. I believe that with a CPU running 1G or so the result would be perfect.


First compression (using VideoWaveIII SE):
DivX 3.11 Fast 6000Kb/s 100% Quality
Audio 44Khz PCM

Second Compression (Virtual Dub):
Angelpotion High 3000Kb/s 100% Quality
Audio 22050Hz MP3 8Kb/s
Filter Deinterlace and Smoother 22%

Final Note: We are talking here of home movies. The camera is not stable and there is lots of motion. This means the codec is always working very hard and produces very high bitrates. With the settings above I can put at most 50 minutes of movie onto a 700MB CDROM.


OC is nice but risky!


Dec 31, 2007
I'm glad AngelPotion is working for you. I had heard many times that it is buggy and can totally mess up a system so of course I am not using it. Your 900 should be plenty fast enough to play DivX movies with no problems. I run a cel400 laptop that plays good with no frames dropped at about 50% CPU load as long as the CPU quality slider is turned down to zero. A 900 should be able to play perfect smooth. If your CPU usage hits 100% you will start dropping frames and have jerkey playback. If you want to save some time and eliminate one level of generation loss hence improving quality, don't give up on DivX. The latest version of M$ media player seems to have an automatic setting for CPU quality that guesses a little too high. Try using a slightly older version of Media Player or another player all together. The older MP had a manual slider for CPU quality that could be adjusted to balence playback quality and smoothness with your CPU. The higher the setting the better quality of the output but also the more load on the CPU. If you go this route adjust the CPU quality to the highest setting you can without having the CPU load get to 100%. 100% is <b>bad</b> during playback. Good luck!