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  1. S

    Solved! samsung tv nu7192

    all i have are huge problems with this tv not supporting divx and not playing subtitles with .srt please help
  2. D

    Converting files for Commercial BD Players

    What conversion application should I use to get from a MP-4(DivX) video/AAC audio file to a suitable BD-ROM format for playing on all commercial BD players? These players are hooked to AV systems not in a computer. I am running Windows 7/64 bit and have several "format converters" but I can't...
  3. M

    microsoft visual C++ runtime library. runtime error

    I cannot play avi file in divx10.2.4 version player message giving "microsoft visual C++ runtime library, runtime error . C:\program files\divx\divx player\divxplayer.exe
  4. voiidwulf

    Rendered videos twice as long. (VirtualDub)

    When I attempt to save a video in VirtualDub the rendered file is twice as long as it should be. After the actual video ends it just shows a frozen frame. I am using Xvid and Lame MP3. Here is an example with Minecraft: http://youtu.be/4NMBQ3KPLw8 (Ignore mediocre video quality. It is just a...
  5. Solar Trans

    Can't get Vegas Pro 12 to play videos encoded with the DivX Codec

    I've tried looking it up and I can't find out how to get Vegas Pro to load videos encoded by DivX... There were videos saying to download a new aviplug.dll to replace with the existing one and it will work but it didn't for me. I've tried many codecs and DviX is the only one that gives me 30FPS...
  6. Z

    Don't want Divx codec to read my videos

    Hi, After I installed Divx yesterday, it takes ages while watching a video to makes jumps (skip the beginning, etc). I guess Divx codec "took over" the video watching process, but I don't want that. I went to Divx's settings but there's nothing about preventing Divx to take control over all...
  7. The_Healer

    Encoding Divx with GPU

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to convert some very large (20gb+) video files to Divx but the only encoders I can find do not utilise GPU acceleration. Are there any out there that do? Its taking many many hours just to do one file at the moment. I have both an AMD (5870) and a Nvidia GPU (560M)...
  8. I

    Problem with divx plus player on pc

    divx pl/er for windows xp ..it opens ..and freezing!..( with a note to close the program or to check for solution on line... ..Any sugestions ..from anyone?...thanks
  9. enewmen

    Please suggest a premium video transcoder

    Hi All. I have some old divx files I want to transcode to the newer and more standard AVC h.264. I tried Expresso, Nero 8, etc. But they gave me larger files and look worse than the original divx file. --> They seem worse than useless. The apps I tried also didn't have many options for me to...
  10. C

    Scaling by DivX player or HDTV?

    I have a Phillips DVP3140 connected to the component input of my Visio VO420E-M HDTV. I have DVD's and DivX discs of many resolutions. I noticed there are picture size settings on both the player and the TV. What would be the best combination? The DVP3140 has the following options: Fill }...
  11. G

    DivX, Roxio Go To Rovi For $720 Million

    DivX, Roxio Go To Rovi For $720 Million DivX, Roxio Go To Rovi For $720 Million : Read more
  12. N

    Divx support on HDTV

    Hey everyone ..I have lg lh60(jazz theatre) 1080p Tv. .it boasts that it can play full 1080p divx movies form USB.. now i have several 720p movies that are in the matroska file format..so i have tried converting them into all kinds of divx file formats available on the system..I have tried...
  13. N

    MKV to DIVX conversions

    Hello everyone!!please help with the following problem.. I am having immense trouble for converting my mkv files to divx format without lose of picture quality..i have tried all sorts of programs(AVS,total,etc etc)..I have tried virtual dub and avisynth to compress the video files..But...
  14. P

    Divx HD and Divx HD plus

    Hi. I went to a store and looked at a DVD player. The salesman told me that the player in question plays Divx HD. What is Divx HD? Is it the mkv format? What's the difference between Divx HD and Divx HD plus? Thank you in advance
  15. A

    It is possible to load divx software on old dvd player

    it is possible to load divx software on my old dvd player
  16. exfileme

    DivX Overhaul Brings Free 1080 HD Conversion

    Convert your 1080 HD video to DivX HD for free. DivX Overhaul Brings Free 1080 HD Conversion : Read more
  17. I

    Solved! Divx issues

    I have been downloading video file off of the internet-they are divx files. I have tried burning them using nero make-dvd mode so that one movie takes up the whole dvd, I have tried burning several to the same dvd. they seem to freeze on both my pc and the burned dvd which I have tried to play...
  18. T

    Solved! HD Divx Player. Do they exist?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a hard drive based divix player that NATIVELY supports High Def files. 720 or 1080p files. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I know they have upscaling players but I have a lot of HD files and can't watch them except on my computer. Thanks
  19. exfileme

    Paramount, Sony Offering DivX Movies to Own

    Forget iTunes: Film Fresh is now offering DivX version of Hollywood blockbuster movies that you can purchase, download, and play on any DivX compliant hardware. Paramount, Sony Offering DivX Movies to Own : Read more
  20. exfileme

    PS3 Updated With Photo Gallery, DivX 3.11

    Sony's PlayStation 3 console will see a few new features in the next firmware update, including a new Photo Gallery application and support for DivX 3.11. PS3 Updated With Photo Gallery, DivX 3.11 : Read more
  21. G

    Divx Releases H.264 Encoder Alpha

    Chicago (IL) - DivX is joining the high-definition era: Following its first H.264 decoder, the company today announced the alpha version of its first H.264 encoder. Divx Releases H.264 Encoder Alpha : Read more
  22. G

    HD Encoding Face-Off: WMV-HD vs. DivX-HD

    WMV HD is far superior in the pic compared to the DivX HD.
  23. G

    More Blu-ray Players Get DivX Support

    DivX said that it has granted Panasonic, Philips, and Denon licenses to integrate DivX capabilities for six upcoming Blu-ray players. More Blu-ray Players Get DivX Support : Read more
  24. G

    First DivX Player: Kiss DP-450

    is there information available for some modifications on the DVD player... for instance for the unused pins or maybe for analog audio connections?
  25. C

    I need help finding a Portable DVD Player

    I need help finding a Portable DVD Player. This is what I need: 1. Screen Size around 8 inches 2. Able to swivel to convert to flat tablet design 3. Play DIVX from DVD R/RW (or other compresses format) 4. Nice battery life 5. Price: around $175 The only models I have found so far are: Philips...
  26. enewmen

    Simple H.264 video codec questions.

    What is the best H.264 codec? Is it better/sharper/more compressed than Divx? 10x slower to encode? I know there are lots of Divx vs. H264 compare tests, but that was a few years ago and divx has gotten much better since then. 2 pass, insane quality, motion compensation, etc. Can any...
  27. tomwaddle

    DIVX or AutoGK?

    I need help from the experts. My answers to this thread need to be people who have TVs larger than 42'' as I do not have access to a TV. I've been ripping movies with both DIVX's converter and AUTOGK. Assuming we keep the filesize the same and we use both apps to rip the same movie, which...
  28. M

    dvd to single file.

    Ok, so I am getting frustrated. Is it possible to convert my ripped DVD's that are in multiple .VOB files to a single file such as Divx? I have been playing around for a while now and just cant seem to get it down.
  29. tvfreak

    DVD ripper???

    Hey fellas can you guys suggest any good dvd rippers. Also what is Divx??? :twisted:
  30. G

    Jeri's talk in AVI (Divx) (fwd)

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.cbm,alt.c64,rec.games.video.classic (More info?) ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 15:15:18 +0200 From: Roland van Oorschot <rolando(at-no-spam)wanadoo.nl> Subject: [C-1] Jeri's talk in AVI (Divx) [snip] I converted it and you can...
  31. D

    DivX DvD Players

    Can anyone help me out, I am thinking about purchasing a divx ready dvd player so I can play avi files and divx as well as all other formats straight from disc rather than playing them via s-video as I do right now. Wanted to know if anyone else has one of these, where are the best places to buy...
  32. G

    Best Codec Paxckage

    Hey fellow geeks, I Have a pretty extensive DIVX, MPEG, AVI and M2P movie and other video file library, I was wondering what is the best "bug free" codec package out there? I am currently running "DIVX Total Package 1.7" , but I have a few newly posted/received videos that this package can't...
  33. C

    Good Quality DIVX

    I have a huge Divx collection that i have downloaded, but I have spent hours perfecting creating divx videos from dvd. What is the best program out there for making them. I have download some Divx movies that were made by production companies and they are outstanding quality. If anyone could...
  34. Spitfire_x86

    I want a DiVX log file!

    Does anybody knows how to create a log file for two pass DiVX encoding? If anybody encodes 2 pass DiVX movies, please send me your "C:\divx.log" file as soon as possible. My e-mail address: <A HREF="mailto: imran@dhaka.net "> imran@dhaka.net </A> Let us know <A...
  35. J

    Shrink DivX file, how?

    Mkay... Is there any way to re-code a DivX file? I have one large mother at 1200mb that I would like to make 700mb instead. Thanks. <font color=blue>I don´t have a sig</font color=blue>
  36. G

    fps in flask/divx

    got an athlon 1200 320 mb sd ram only gettin 9fps in flask when encoding win divx 5 how can i speed things up a bit
  37. yoaverez

    DVD players with DivX support

    Hi, I was wondering if there are dvd players that support divx functions?? I saw the panasonic X410U dvd player with divX support, but every place i saw a review said that divx is dead. what do they mean? divx is more alive then ever... Where can I find a player that can read a disc with a...
  38. Spitfire_x86

    Two pass DiVX encoding

    How to encode video @ DiVX 5.02 with 2 pass, second pass setting? I use Vitual Dub or Xmpeg
  39. S

    split divx movies

    what software would i use to split a divx movie into 2 parts?
  40. G

    Movies without sound

    I have media player 8 cause I am running win XP and Divx 5.0 installed but I don't think that matters. You see I have some futurama episodes that play when using the Divx player but they have no sound. If I use media player they don't really work at all. Most of my futurama episodes work fine...
  41. S

    TMPGEnc and the disappearing Video Codecs

    It's weird. It used to show it. Then I was testing out something and uninstalled DivX 5.0, installed 3.11 then 4.0 then installed 5.0. Now when I go into TMPGEnc and try to save as AVI I don't see DivX as one of my options and I used to. I went into Virtual Dub to see what it had and sure...
  42. E

    divx (still) sucks

    I installed the new divx 4.12 codec and XMPEG 4.2a which THW raves on about. And YET again this piece of [-peep-] gives more blue screens and errors then anything else I've seen. I've been trying to use both divx-encoder , flask/xmpeg and virtual dub on different computersystems and it allways...
  43. C

    Divx Codec crashes my system - any advice?

    I just installed the Divx 4.11 codec, and while playing an .avi or .mpeg (using windows media player 7) it causes my system to either reboot or crash to a blue-screen-o-fatal exception error. I updated the drivers for my Hercules 3D Prophet III (aka gForce 3) and it still happens. It seems to...
  44. G

    Divx4.11 and Xmpeg 4.2

    Yesterday, I used Divx 4.11 and Xmpeg 4.2a. The performance of SSE/MMX optimized encoding was AMAZING. Here is my performance results: 1) Xmpeg (the one before 4.2a) + Divx 4 + Reference iDCT = 13 hours of encoding (single pass). Average FPS 3-4. 2) FairUse, 12-13 hours of encoding. 3) Xmpeg...
  45. G

    How to adjust brightness?

    Anybody knows how to increase the brightness of Divx files? When I convert DVD's to Divx, especially dark movies (ie. Godzilla) became too dark. Is there a way to cure this except increasing the brightness of your monitor :)? <font color=blue>Get a T-Bird... Impressive CPU + House heater in one...
  46. G

    How to mix AC3 and Divx?

    I used FairUse to encode the video but after encoding the tool said "You should now mix audio" I checked the directory, there is a Divx file + an AC3 file. I hoped Virtual Dub can do the job, but it can only mix WAV and avi. Is there a tool that can mix AC3 and Divx avi? Regards, BTW...
  47. G

    Splitting the AVI file

    Hi guys, I posted this question in Divx forum but couldn't get a reply. Maybe you can come up with something. I recently started to use Divx and converted my first DVD to avi. The quality is very nice but it took 1.1Gb. So I want to put this movie into two CDs (I used a bit rate calculator and...
  48. G

    Help! XMpeg Won't work

    I have been trying to convert a DVD into a Divx. Everytime I try to encode the DVD, I get an error message that reads "An error occured when trying to generate the file. Check that you're not using the output file or the program is set up correctly." I followed the setup in the newest Tom's...
  49. G

    Disappointingly inaccurate article!!

    Hi THG guys Just read your article about DivX 4.01/XMpeg 41. I spent the last 5 days doing heavy experimentation with DivX encoding, with 3.2, 4.01 and 4.02 codecs (for my own use) and I was REALLY surprised when I compared my findings with your article. DivX 3.2 offered a solution for those...
  50. G

    Tom's Divx benchmark

    I couldn't find an appropriate forum to post this question, please bear with me........ When Tom posts his divx encoding benchmarks he does so in FPS(frames per second, I would believe). How does this relate to encoding an entire movie? Given his FPS benchmark, is there a way to figure the...
  51. G

    DivX:-; vs. SVCD

    I find the recent two articles on DivX in comparison to MPEG2 relatively misleading. The statement that a 9-to-1 compression is even remotely likely is about as convincing that VHS copy of a DVD renders comparable results. I have spent considerable time both in the MPEG2 (SVCD) and DivX arena...
  52. G

    DivX Duron x Athlon

    Hi folks Does anyone has the experience to say if an Athlon is any better than a Duron when it comes to DivX Play? Is the larger L2 Cache important in this matter? Note: I have a Duron running at 900Mhz with 128M PC133 Cas2 and, playing home videos coded with DivX Fast 6000Kb/s is not smooth...
  53. L

    cropping mpg4/DivX?

    I have a Divx copy of Nikita recorded with a AIW Radeon that has a small fuzzy strip on top. I want to crop the bad part off, but don't know how. Flask would let me do it if I was converting but it is already converted to DivX. VD has resize but I don't see a crop. Also is there a way to set...
  54. C

    bad Divx playback on 550 Athlon

    I recently started converting my DVD movies to DivX so I can watch them on my computer without getting up and getting the DVD (lazy, I know). I originally tried this a while ago with Windows 98, and it was dog slow, I couldn't even get normal size playback to run smoothly. I now run Win2k...
  55. L

    Sync during random access

    Is it possible to keep sound and video in sync during a fast forward or random access with DivX? My DivX movies play fine as long as you start from the beginning but sound leads video after a fast forward. I seem to remember reading that starting from the beginning is required due to the...
  56. G

    asf/divx/smr to vcd?

    can anyone suggest me some softwares that will convert asf, divx or smr into images or files that i can burn them into vcd? thanks