I need help finding a Portable DVD Player


Aug 16, 2007
I need help finding a Portable DVD Player. This is what I need:

1. Screen Size around 8 inches
2. Able to swivel to convert to flat tablet design
3. Play DIVX from DVD R/RW (or other compresses format)
4. Nice battery life
5. Price: around $175

The only models I have found so far are:
Philips DCP 750 and Philips DCP 850

The LG DP 781 looks great, but I do not believe it will play divx.

I do not plan on ever playing a regular DVD on it. I will be burning movies from my home theater computer and thought that DVD players that will play divx will allow the best use of my 4.6 GB disk space.

I am open to sugestions - Please Help