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  1. dboconsulting

    Question DVD Styler

    Hello, I have been trying to burn a dvd using dvd styler on Windows 10 Pro. https://www.dvdstyler.org/en/ Here is what has been successful: I am able to export locally and play the video in VLC. I am able to burn the disc to a +R disc and play it on a PC. Here is what has been unsuccessful...
  2. Brotuulaan

    App Suggestions: DVD Burning -- Plus Bonus Files?

    I'm in the process of recording some training videos I want to put on proper DVDs for playing in standard players, but I would also like to add some audio files that people can copy from the disc and use apart from the DVD. Does anyone know of a solid free DVD menu-authoring application that...
  3. P

    Looking for help with DVD burning

    I have any DVD and clone. I been using this for bout 4 years now. I can decode DVD . but when I put in blank DVD to copy it keeps saying bad media . can anyone help me with what this means. I tried 2 different blank dvds as well. Thanks
  4. P

    telefunken dvd player sound but no video

    Hi my telefunken dvd player wont play a movie from my hard drive i get sound but no picture when the movie starts playing it say picture off i converted this movie from a mkv to a mp4 using free make video converter please help other mp4 i have other mp4 and avi videos that work perfectly dvd...
  5. Z

    Free DVD burning software

    Lads I need a program to burn a VOB file to dvd. I need a program that's is free and doesn't leave a watermark on the video. Any help would be great, Thanks!
  6. C

    What type of DVD can I burn to to play in a DVD player?

    I need to burn a few videos to a DVD for a friend, and so far I've figured out DVD flick and it's currently making the .iso, I just want to know if I should use a DVD-R or a DVD+R disc? Which will work best?
  7. J

    Laptop Vs Desktop DVD Burner

    I am using my laptop for the time being to burn DVD Movies. I have a Acer Intel B960 Processor Dual Core. I will be burning DVD's probably 6-10 Per month for about the next year until i purchase a new desktop. At this rate would my Laptop DVD Player withstand the load?? Thanks
  8. V

    roxio-easy cd & dvd Burning Installation for windows 7

    I have a dell laptop windows 7 Inspiron 64 bit I've had this roxio before installed on my laptop and i just had my laptop cleaned out because of viruses that i had on my laptop and so i tried to re install the program and it keeps telling me that it hasn't been modified what do i do? is it...
  9. MorrowindExplorer

    My Dell Inspiron 8500 Does not read Burned certain DVD+R but reads other ones????

    My Dell inspiron does not read burnt certain dvd+r and the ones it does read say error Cycle redundancy check and the DVD+R were all burned the same day and they came from the same package. it also does it with some of my old Windows 98 games.
  10. M

    DVD player error

    My DVD player on my laptop stopped working after i tried burning a dual layer DVD not knowing that it does not support the DVD. It starts reading but after a few seconds makes a vibrating/screeching sound and stops. I have tried uninstalling the DVD drivers and restarting and also deleting the...
  11. D

    dvd burning software?

    im trying to burn movies and seasons of tv shows on a dvd but im wondering what program(*app) I should use I got win7 ulti and im looking for a free one
  12. G

    14 Free CD & DVD Burning Apps

    Check out these totally free programs for burning and authoring your own CDs & DVDs. 14 Free CD & DVD Burning Apps : Read more
  13. G

    bootable dvd burning software

    i am trying to make a bootable cd/dvd. can you recomend a good program
  14. K

    Can you recommend a simple video converting and DVD burning software?

    I am not sure if this is the proper section, but I need to get a bunch of home movies from my computer and organize them, I guess convert them, and burn them to DVD. My wife has been after me for years for this, and I really need to get it done. I don't want to spend a ton (much) for what I...
  15. M

    X64 dvd burning

    Is there any 64 bit video encoding/burning software available right now? I feel like there must be, but am having a surprisingly hard time finding it. I am NOT looking for burning software that is compatible with my OS (Win 7 Ult 64 bit) but this is the only question I can find answered, and I...
  16. S

    Dvd burning

    I have a dvd burner with vhs player in it and i want to know if there is a way of copying my owned and bought vhs tapes that are copyrighted i have over 600 good movies on vhs and there must be a way. i just want to watch them and keep them because i have great money invested and alot of oscar...
  17. mrclownface

    Free DVD burning software

    hi there,can anyone tell me what is a good (free) programme for burning DVD shrink files that i can download
  18. D

    Solved! Dvd read problems

    Hello, I am new to DVD burning. I compled a short video, rendered the project, went through the dvd architect procedures, and sent the data to a brand new dvd burner. When inserted into my dvd player, the player keeps trying to "read" the data for several minutes and will not play. it tried...
  19. M

    DVD Burning programs

    Does anyone know how I can get a good/free dvd burning program for my computer?
  20. T

    DVD burning software for Win 7 64-bit

    Looking for low cost (or freeware) DVD burning software. Need to burn assorted videos files to Video-DVD.
  21. D

    Avi ripping and dvd burning

    hello guys. my four year old tower has finally been upgraded, and i would really not like to install nero for avi converting to vob (nero vision) and for burning. what are some good open source (read: free) and solid applications for converting to vob and burning? OS is win7, no linux please.
  22. B

    Dvd burning with 4x speed

    Hello, i use nero ver 6 to burn dvd(data) with 4x speed for longtime. usually for 4gb to burn will take max of 30minutes. but suddenly the process takes long time around 3 hrs for the same type of content to burn. pls suggest why and what should i do?
  23. liamthepirate

    Fast Dvd Burning Software

    Hey guys im just looking for a free fast dvd burner? It takes me around an hour to burn a movie just wondering is there anything that could be any quicker.. Running with a pretty recent pc so think that should be ok Thanks :)
  24. G

    DVD burning bummer

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) I got a home movie tape from a friend that I tried to burn to DVD. I shot it out to my replay and imported it into my PC with DVA. The problem is there are video dropouts on the tape that blue screen RTV. When that spot hits Womble it...
  25. H

    Best free DVD burning software...

    What is the best FREE DVD burning software? I need it for backing up my DVD's I currently own. I already have a decrypter program to override the copywrite stuff, I just need software to burn the file onto DVD. Thanks!
  26. A

    DVD Burning

    I have been burning DVDs but am unable to burn double sided) DVDs. Where can I get two-sided DVDs (ones you can burn on both sides) if they are available. What is the best way to acquire software which will allow me to burn double sided DVDs? Is there free software or must I buy it?