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  1. C

    Office 365 virus ?

    This is very strange. I can not find an answer to this. On Sunday 12/05/16 i had my computer on using photoshop. I used it for a few hours and turned it off. On Monday 12/06/16 I got home from work and had an email from Ebay stating "MC999 Unauthorized use of your account -- Action required" I...
  2. Thealchemistx

    So my friends email account got hacked

    As the tittle states his email account got hacked,and trough it many other accounts such as steam ,origin and who knows what else,also the intruder is mocking him sending emails to himself,what can he do until the local or government authorities take over the case,the country is Croatia and the...
  3. N

    possible security threat?!

    Okay, so my mother is not the most technologically advanced person on the planet. Her yahoo mail account was copied and sent malicious emails to personal contacts containing viruses, luckily the people were notified before if they open the email. As confusion went on my mother suspected that she...
  4. G

    I really need your help, someone please reply!

    I was browsing the internet and suddenly this "" automatically installed on my PC and reidretcs me to some russian site, is it a virus? i've tried scanning but it doesn't get detected as a virus, google chrome seems to open up this russian mail ru site when i open it too. :??:
  5. G

    What is a click here email virus

    my email sent a email out to friends saying click here to view digital photo and click here to live chat what is this??? its in my sent box also like i sent it??
  6. M

    Please help me remove an Email Virus

    This email virus has even taken over a brand new computer as soon as I opened my email. It takes over control of my Control key, funny huh? Not for me. It takes control of my mouse and does not let it track. It affects EVERY program I have. It has put a contact name in my email called...
  7. M

    Naked Chatshh

    Email Virus called Naked Chatshh Please help me delete it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much!
  8. exfileme

    IRS Scam: World's Biggest Email Virus Problem

    Have you gotten the "Notice of Underreported Income" email? Yeah, so has everyone else. IRS Scam: World's Biggest Email Virus Problem : Read more