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  1. E

    Microsoft Excel didn't recover

    Hi. One of the worst things that ever happens, Excel didn't recover!! I'm using Excel 2007 in Windows 7. I had a dozen or so files open. Some I had saved regularly, others were new documents [Books], that I had never saved, and some in between. I think another program I had open was using a...
  2. T

    Excel 2007 crashed- recovery pane found several versions of unsaved file but cannot open/save latest version because corrupt

    Yesterday I was working on an excel 2007 spreadsheet that I've been working on for a little over a week now (so there are several saved versions of the file all in different progressions of my work which ends up making my question a bit harder I think). Yesterday excel stopped responding and...
  3. A

    Excel 2007 - Is it possible to purge Autocomplete?

    Is it possible to purge all the Autocomplete entries, please? I'd like to start afresh because many of my old entries start with identical text and the feature is not very useful like that. Thank you.
  4. J

    Is restrict copy paste possible in excel 2007

    Is restrict copy paste possible in excel 2007
  5. P

    How can I rescue data from a corrupt Excel 2007 .xlsx file?

    We lost a folder full of excel files last week. We were able to recover all of the files that were in the Excel 2003 .xls format but have been unable to even extract data from the lates two files from May and June that were save in the new 2007 .xlsx format. We've tried the Excel 2007 recovery...
  6. indyitguy

    Cannot change part of an array when sorting

    I have a workbook I'm using to track a super bowl prop pool. 5 worksheets contain all of the data and one worksheet contains a leaderboard and a place to select the correct answers to the questions. I pull the leaderboard in by (=transpose(named range)). The leaderboard consists of 3 columns...
  7. V

    Excel has stopped working

    I have a problem which driving me crazy and I hope anyone can be able to help me. I use Office 2007 prof. I have some necessary excel files created in old Office 2003. And whenever I am trying to load it in my Office 2007, Excel would be stop with the error :"Excel has stopped working". I tried...
  8. R

    excel2007 problems with i3 4010

    I run two excel files on my i3 4010 based laptop(hyperthreading encbled)in a single instance for my trading where I have to copy data from trader platform to excel file and from there to another excel file with macros which eventually copy data to amibroker. I have to close excel through task...
  9. P

    can I highlight the row and column label if a cell is selected within a spreadsheet

    Would be grateful if someone can assist. I wish to highlight the column heading and row label if a cell within a table is selected. Excel 2007 example of what I want - Column Headings are in cells C3:J3. Row labels are in cells A4:A56 and B4:B56. Data is in cells C4 to J56 eg if cell F7 is...
  10. D

    Moving Macros from Excel 1997 to Excel 2007 on a different PC

    We have a multi-page spreadsheet used for account-keeping at the studio I work in. I had to recently rebuild our reception PC as multiple memory components failed in the motherboard. The rebuild has not problems what so ever, the only problem we have is transferring establishing the extensive...
  11. R

    microsoft office 2007 on windows server 2012

    can i run access 2007 and excel 2007 on windows server 2012
  12. jnkweaver

    Problems with Hyperlinks in Excel

    I have a colleague at work that has an Excel 2007 spreadsheet (on Windows 7) with multiple hyperlinks to a network drive/folder where the data files are stored. It seems that randomly across multiple sheets about 20% of the hyperlinks are changed from the correct path to his C drive. Any...
  13. S

    Excel 2007 help locking worksheet

    how to make a Password lock in to the Excel Sheet in 2007
  14. G

    Excel 2007 formulas

    Well i have a worksheet with 30 thousand rows and 3 columns. I need to use this formula =+A1:A27202&":"&B1:B27202&":"&C1:C27202 on each row,but i dont know how,and doing it by hand would be too much time consuming.When i select the D row and paste the formula it says 'Data on the clipboard is...
  15. S

    Setting office 2007 as default over office 2010

    Hi all,Is it possible to set excel 2007 as default over excel 2010 so that when i open excel sheet,it opens with excel 2007 by default instead of excel 2010? I have them both in my pc.
  16. A

    In Excel 2007, can I drag a cell to another column or row?

    I.e. without multiplying the contents into every cell that I pass?
  17. C

    Need computer recommendation

    Hi there i am often using excel 2007 sheets with 10 000 x 10 arrays and sometimes larger with plots etc of these arrays my computer is horribly slow when doing this How do i know how much computing power will make this a smoot (as in not laggy) experience?
  18. J


    Hi, I tried to convert old lotus 123 (*.wk4) files in Excel 2007, but it's like imposible. So I want a lotus 1-2-3 viewer but I can't find one, someone can help me ? Regards Jonathan
  19. H

    Q6700 - Excel 2007- Low usage of CPU

    Hello, I have a a Q6700, 8 GB kingstone RAM DDR2 and I need to make calcolous in excel for my final university projects...I have millions of cells! I use Windows Vista 64 bit The problem is that excel use maximum the 25%/26% of the CPU and I don't understand why.... Is there a way to say to...
  20. yeungl

    Excel 2007 Bug - Wrong Round up

    librayeung.com/excelwrong.xlsx Please check on the grey cell. It has to be in percentage. But when you adjust the decimal place, it will not round up. And anyone verify it?