Moving Macros from Excel 1997 to Excel 2007 on a different PC


Nov 12, 2013
We have a multi-page spreadsheet used for account-keeping at the studio I work in. I had to recently rebuild our reception PC as multiple memory components failed in the motherboard. The rebuild has not problems what so ever, the only problem we have is transferring establishing the extensive list of Macros we use to automatically insert rows of information into the spreadsheet, depending on what we have sold.

I have managed to move the Macros over to the new Excel roaming folder to a point where we can run the macros from the "Run Macro" menu. However, we used to have these assigned to a dockable console with simple buttons we can press, to save us searching through a huge list of Macros to find the right one to use. Microsoft excel seems to have loaded these into a custom add-in menu, but when we attempt to run the macros from this ribbon, it displays an error message saying that macros may not be enabled or able to run with this spreadsheet.

I have already set the options to enable all macros and I have moved the modules from the original macro workbook over to the spreadsheet we work from but I cannot get them to work how they used to.

If anyone can give me a hand with getting these macros to run with the buttons on the add-in menu I would be very very grateful, I can provide any extra information if necessary, I apologise if I haven't explained myself very well, I am not a software person!