Question Fixed Dialing Number


Sep 27, 2013
Have a Galaxy12 on our plan. July: Was using a feature called Fixed Dialing Numbers — limiting/specifying numbers that could be called by user. October: Carrier has done something to disable this feature. We have asked to have it turned back on— hours and hours of frustrating run-around calls, work orders, three new sim cards and even a new number. It’s now December!

BTW, the three new SIM cards sent by company (Pure Talk) do not have a PUK code or even SIM numbers on card SIM was in. We must rely on company to provide; they refuse via an agent and management will not take nor return a call. Pure Talk refuses to release PUK code or do a thing to help us recover the FDN feature. We have two other phones on the plan; both still have FDN available. Putting SIM card from these phones allows problem phone to have FDN. But, we’ve used the same number for 15+ years and would rather not give it to crazy aunt who we must keep from calling people at all hours.

If we can’t get the FDN back on aunt’s phone, we would gladly buy a prepaid phone or get her a phone on another carrier IF I knew which one supports FDN.

ANY IDEAS or HELP is much appreciated!


Jul 2, 2019
Man, that sounds like a total headache! Dealing with carriers can be a nightmare. Have you tried reaching out to Pure Talk on social media? Sometimes they respond quicker there. As for switching carriers, I think T-Mobile usually supports Fixed Dialing Numbers, but you might want to double-check.