Question blocking phone numbers


Aug 20, 2016
i have the metro pcs service using a galaxy a21 that was a tracfone phone. i have a still valid tradfone number/sim but the phone has the metro sim in it now and that is a free number. anyway when i got the metro number i got hundreds of calls and i blocked everyone of them but now i'm starting to get those blocked numbers calling me. i know the scammers ghost the numbers but it seems to me that ghosted number if it is in the phone it should be blocked. now i'm learning that you have a limit on blocked numbers. so is that true? how can i block unlimited on the phone? if not can i get my old tracfone number put on the metro service? that number hardly ever got any calls. i had that number for 20 years and got maybe 20 calls on it. but the number i have now must have belonged to a person that lived on the phone. when i got it it rang off the hook. i have 3 contacts on this phone now so it should not be ringing this much. the tracfone number almost never rang. if i can put the tracfone number on the metro service can i go to the the metro store and have them do that or can i do that online? thanks