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  1. L

    Solved! Problem with Microsoft Excel Program

    "Microsoft Excel has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I can't get into any spreadsheets I have prepared. It just sits there with the above to look at.
  2. D

    Control N shortcut in MS Word, outlook and Excel 2010 doesn't work any more.

    Suddenly the Ctrl N shortcut in MS Office no longer works. Any idea how to fix?
  3. N

    Can't print from Excel 2010 - all else prints

    Yesterday I could printed a variety of spreadsheets. Today, I can't. I have no idea why. I've tried: - uninstalling and reinstalling the printer - tried to save & resave the document - after driver reinstallation, copied to a new document - looked at the registry entry for the printer, but...
  4. V

    excel 2010 unable to copy paste large data

    Hello I am having issue copy paste large date from one excel to another after copy paste is done excel will stop responding and after few minutes will crash. This is the error LOG: Faulting application name: EXCEL.EXE, version: 14.0.7145.5001, time stamp: 0x54e3daa4 Faulting module name...
  5. C

    Excel 2010 help!

    I have two columns of numbers, column A and column B. I need to run a formula that not only shows if any numbers from A show up in B, but also how many times they show up? Any help woukd be appreciated.
  6. E

    Can't click on ActiveX control in Excel 2010

    I have a .xlsm file that has ActiveX control button with a module macro assigned to it. Problem is I can't click the ActiveX button from my Excel 2010 Standard. I tried to repair and reinstall Excel but that did not fix it. Tried adding a new ActiveX control to the worksheet but got "Cannot...
  7. S

    excel 2010 formula Help

    I need a formula to solve the following. It involves 3 cell's, I will say A1,A2,A3 I need to total only A2 into A3 if the value in A1 is less than 1. But if the value in either A1 or A2 is 1 or greater the total values of both A1 & A2 are added together and placed in A3
  8. K

    how to insert a photo in Excel 2010

    I'm using Excel and it will not let me copy and paste or insert a photo at all. On my other spreadsheets this has not been a problem; however, I am still not able to just simply insert a photo. Even when I tried changing the Macro settings.... still nothing..... what am I doing wrong?
  9. A

    Lost all my changes on an excell file when I hit don't save

    Is there any way to recover what I did or is it back to the drawing board... Lesson learned..... Do not work on complex spreadsheets while arguing with FPL!
  10. M

    Help, get value Attributes Block and Dimensions to Excel by Autolisp

    Hi all, I have a drawing with Attributes and Dimension. I want get value Attributes and Dimensions to Excel (2010) (view file Now.rar attachment). Please, help me get value Attributes and Dimensions to Excel by autolisp. Thank you very much! File...
  11. G

    Creating an Excel Survey without Skydrive

    I am using Excel 2010 and wanted to know if it's possible to create a survey, that I can email to others, that will collect all the data from everyone it was sent to and organize it into a table with possible time stamp (similar to skydrive survey and google forms). If it's possible, how would...
  12. E

    Where can I download Powerpivot?

    Hello, I need powerpivot for excel 2010, I have Windows 8 64 bits. Can someone please help me? Thanks
  13. L

    Excel 2010

    We have upgraded our users hardware and since the upgrade we are having a lot of memory issues relating to excel. When people are working from large spreadsheets we occasionally get the error about the spreadsheet being corrupt and an error which states cannot complete this task with available...
  14. C

    Can't insert cell to right

    I use MS Excel 2010. I can't insert a cell to the right or left of my cell. I look at how to do this and the options they give I don't seem to have. :cry:
  15. unoriginal1

    Converting numbers to currency value issue MS O 2010

    Hey there everyone, So.. What I'm trying to figure out is how to take a bunch of numbers in excel 2010 and convert them to a currency value. For example.... Turning 2000 into $20.00. If I go to format cell, Currency/number and add the decimals I end up getting $2,000.00. I'm assuming what...
  16. S

    Excel 2010 help

    I'm listing the web addresses for a whole bunch of contests I am entering on excel 2010. When I put the web site in the box, it turns blue, which is good. However. after 45 web sites, the web sites listed are not turning blue anymore. I cannot just click on the web site and have the computer...
  17. A

    Help with Excel.

    I am using Excel 2010 and the font size is too small to read easily on the alpha column bar and the numeric row bar. How can I change the font size. Any Help woould be appreciated, thanks, Tony Fitz.
  18. S

    Setting office 2007 as default over office 2010

    Hi all,Is it possible to set excel 2007 as default over excel 2010 so that when i open excel sheet,it opens with excel 2007 by default instead of excel 2010? I have them both in my pc.
  19. K

    Excel 2010 help

    I have a document in Excel 2010 which contains 2 columns. Data from 2nd column is constant, does not change and is assigned to data in 1st column. Names and surnames are great example, so I will use this case for explanation. Currently there are 200 names in 1st column and of course 200...
  20. avimanyu786

    Excel 2010 "Select destination and press ENTER" feature not working

    When I copy a particular cell with text using ctrl+c , the marching ants(animated cell - dotted moving borders) feature does not get activated.It just shows for a fraction of second. Selecting another cell and pressing enter does nothing(as it should paste the text). But ctrl+v is working. I...
  21. C

    Excel 2010 issue

    Hello, just upgraded to Windows 7 and installed Office 2010. However, when I create Excel files then try to open them I get this message: not a valid Win32 application. If I open Excel first then do a FILE, OPEN, the file does open. What's up?