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  1. C

    I can't receive mail on Outlook MS Small Business Exchange

    I can send emails but can not receive emails on MSBusiness Exchange-2011
  2. R

    Exchange client for Win10

    I'm looking for an Open Source mail client for W10 that can connect to an Exchange server. I have already scoured the net as much as I possibly can and keep coming up with the same things over and over. I'm aware of Thunderbird (pay for exchange) and eM Client (pay for exchange), but I'd...
  3. T

    Microsoft office 2010 filter pack 64 bit - KB2460041 Where can I find a good link to this?

    I am trying to install Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and heard that you needed Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs 64 bit installed + the SP1 for that. Every link I find for it gives a message that page not found? Can someone provide a good link please? Thanks, Tigger
  4. R

    Sharing Outlook Calendar

    Hello, An employee that worked here for years has recently left. She had set up her outlook calendar for specific reoccurring dates/events that change. I need to grant a different user access to this her calendar BUT cannot allow the user access to the previous employees emails. So basically...
  5. V

    How can I convert OST to PST File?

    Hi all, My exchange server 2013 is crashed and I need to makr conversion of my exchange .ost file in outlook ,pst file. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!
  6. jeff-j

    Cant send email from Exchange Active Sync.

    Hello, I am setting up exchange active sync on a android cell phone. I am able to connect to the exchange server, and and to see the inbox along with getting new emails, and have my contacts and calendars sync up, but I am not able to send any emails. The emails just sit in the outbox, and I...
  7. C

    Report for mail attachment size in Exchange server 2010

    How to set up Reporting /auditing in Exchange 2010 so that an administrator is notified every time an attachment over 8 MB is sent out of the business? Want this audit and report accordingly
  8. S

    Setting up Microsoft Exchange

    Hi all, I would just like to have some general guidance on setting up a Microsoft Exchange server. It needs to be setup for a small-business environment. The email is currently hosted by, but it does not sync read/unread messages, calenders, and many other features without...
  9. stevenvw

    Global Address book for outlook 2010 using exchange server 2010

    Hello, at work we have exchange server 2010 running on our server, and the employees all have Outlook 2010. I am wondering if/how it is possible to have a global address book, or one that is available to all domain members. Currently everyone has their own address book in Outlook with their...
  10. H

    Virtual machines

    I want to setup a test server to play around with windows server 2008 and exchange server. Can i use a workstation running windows 7 and use the free version of vmware to run 2 virtual machines for sever 2008 and the exchange server?
  11. G

    Cannot connect to my Exchange Server while in France

    Hello, I cannot connect to my remote web workplace from my rental apartment in France. I can connect to the internet fine but when I put in the address my remote access I get an error message that it cannot load internet page. I also get the following when I click on details "Webpage error...
  12. R

    Removing a remembered password in Outlook 2003

    Hello, We use Outlook 2003 client to connect to a 2010 Exchange server on another domain. We use RPC over HTTP. I havea particular user who appears to have a problem accessing shared calendars, the error message is "the Exchange server is unavailable" - I have changed the authentication...
  13. G

    How to clear microsoft outlook send/recieve error

    Hello, When ever am clicking the send/receive option am just getting Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The operation failed. An object could not be found.'Please give me a suggestion
  14. M

    Outlook 2007 account set up (exchange server)

    I was wondering if there was a specific file that contains all the account settings for Outlook account that could be copied and then imported or installed onto another machine's outlook set up. I have tried to manually duplicate the settings, but for some reason its not working. So i just...
  15. H

    Outlook/Exchange 2003 disappearing meetings

    Hi there, I'm the tech support for a group of users in an Exchange/Outlook 2003 environment. I do not manage the Exchange server. Some of them are experiencing the following problem. The user has a bunch of recurring meetings scheduled. Occasionally, an instance of that meeting will...
  16. H

    Exchange Server 2003

    I am trying to set up Exchange Server 2003 at home to receive e-mail from btopenworld and then to access the mail through microsoft outlook on my XP Proffesional computer. The POP3 Server is port 110 The SMTP Server is port 25 I have spent ages looking...
  17. G


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, I have a user who has an IPAQ rx3100 using the 3.7.1 client Active Sync with W2K Pro, Outlook 2000 or XP and Exchange 5.5. I'm trying to sync to the calender from the Exchange server and I have not been able to as of yet. I...
  18. G

    Why doesn't...

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc,microsoft.public.pocketpc.activesync (More info?) ActiveSync tell you which appointment is causing an error (date and time) when an appointment with a unknown attendee is synched? This is a common error when attempting to sync two PCs one of...
  19. G

    Viewsonic V35

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have an exchange server at work and I am trying to sync but keep on getting an error..... Unable to connect. Verify your dialup or proxy settings are correct, and try again. Error Code: CONNMGR_36 I am just hooked up via the cradle.