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    Solved! Laptop cpu upgrade

    Hi i need help Can i upgrade the laptop cpu Processor laptop have: Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330 1.60GHz Cpu Package 478-pin micro FC-PGA 1.38" x 1.38" (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm) Socket Model laptop Acer Extensa 5620Z. ___________________________________ I wanted to upgrade it, I know it is socket P...
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    Solved! Laptop ram upgrade Acer

    Hi i need help Can i upgrade the laptop acer extensa 5620/5520 series? The laptop have 2gb ram only. Now i want to upgrade to 4gb ram. Processor laptop: Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330 1.60GHz
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    Is my laptop CPU upgradable?

    I have a Acer Extensa 5630Z, currently using a Intel Pentium T3200 CPU. I'm wondering if it upgradable with any Socket P CPUs. The laptop is an Acer Extensa 5630Z-322G16Mn.
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    Solved! Acer Extensa 2508 Series Internet connection

    My Acer Extensa 2508 will not connect to the internet :-(. it shows that the internet cable is connected but it says there is no internet connection. i downloaded the Lan drivers for the Laptop using a different laptop and after installing it, the machine still does not work. Please assist...
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    Acer Extensa 4630z shutting down by itself few minutes after opening windows

    Windows screen shutting down
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    Acer extensa 5230e laptop battery LED blinking yellow, power button deffective.

    Its the same laptop I was talking about before. This time I put an acer aspire d225e battery in it and it seems the mitherboard is working just fine. However, the battery LED is blink yellow (not orange or red or amber) and when I push the power button it doesnt turn on ( probably cuz its...
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    How to unlockacer extensa 5220 laptop

    I have a acer extensa 5220 laptop with my password and didn't for some time because I can not remember my password. How can I unlock and reset my acer extensa 5220 laptop
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    Help with purchase of a new laptop.

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a laptop to use during my Masters next year. I want my new laptop to have and I5 processor and I am limited to a budget of around 500 euro. After browsing in my home country's market I have found two strong candidates for my next laptop: Acer Extensa EX2540...
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    acer extensa 5235 inbuilt camera or not

    i cant find camera on my laptop i have looked everywhere,is there an app or camera i can download so i can take photos,as i need some for a course i am hoping to enroll on
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    Have a older acer extensa shows WiFi connected but won't let me on internet. Please help

    Acer extensa shows connected to home WiFi but won't let me on internet
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    Which one is better?

    Tell me which one is better Lenovo IdeaPad G50-30 Black or Acer Extensa 2511 Black Design 2015
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    Acer extensa, blank screen, shuting down

    I have acer extensa. When I turn it on, screen is still off and after maybe 30 second computer shut down. What is wrong ? Than
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    Acer Extensa 2510 disassembly

    I recently got an Acer Extensa EX2510-56ZP laptop and I wanted to upgrade the memory and swap out the hard drive with a SSD. The issue I'm having is that the laptop doesn't have any visible maintenance hatch on the bottom. There are screws however across the entire width and length of the bottom...
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    Acer extensa 4620z seems like a boot loop Someone Please Help.

    My acer extensa 4620z laptop won't boot it just keep saying "JPXRO is compressed and press ctrl+alt+del to restart" I did just that but it just keeps saying the same thing. What should I do to fix this?
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    acer extensa 4220

    my laptop's display wont lightup it show somthing but no light. it simply blinks for a second and goes back to previos state when i press fn+f6.pls help me.pls pls
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    Acer Extensa 4620Z No startup configuring 3/3

    Hi, My grandfather recently gave me his laptop to repair..I can't seem to figure out how to fix it so I need some help. The Laptop won't start up. It goes black after the Windows Vista loading bar. I tried running in safemode, and it started updating 3/3 0% and wouldn't go anywhere then it would...
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    Acer Extensa 15.6" Intel Dual Core 8GB RAM 1TB HDD is this ok for sims 3

    Will this be ok for sims 3 and expansion packs?
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    Which laptop to get?

    Hey all, I'm a bit confused over here and hoping someone can help. I need a new laptop and am torn between two models at the top of my £350 budget. The first is the Acer Extensa 2510 34Z4 - it has a pretty good review here...
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    Cpu upgrade for acer extensa 4220

    I'm looking for a cpu upgrade for a Acer Extensa 4220. Its using the intel celeron processor 530. 1.73ghz, 533 mhz FSB. Far as i'm aware it's the P model of processor for this type. Any help appreciated.
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    How to connect acer Extensa 5620 to a panasonic TQFF139

    I've tried to connect it but the tv shows only the desktop image! Please help!
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    unlock my acer extensa 4220 laptop HOW DO I RESET MY ACER EXTENSA 4220 BIOS PASSWORD CODE? Forum

    someone please help, i have purchased a used laptop & now i cain't get in because it keeps asking for my password. it is a acer extensa 4220 laptop
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    Acer extensa 5635z wont turn on

    Acer extensa 5635z wont turn on and the just before it failed the screen flashed black and white, then shut down. Also the power button light went from light green to dark green. I've turned it on and after 2 seconds of pushing power button it turns off. I've taken out the battery and left it...
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    acer model extensa 560

    acer laptop model extensa 560
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    my acer extensa 5235 drains battery when powerd off

    as it stands my acer extensa 5235 runs fine with new display , but when switched off the power button light is green , the orange light on bottom left is solid but when i leave battery connected , it gets drained but works normally when charged and left to discharge any ideas ?
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    My Acer Extensa 4620 is stuck in boot loop. Do not have original hard drive so I cannot do a system recovery. Please help!!

    Acer Extensa 4620 is stuck in a boot up loop. I have absolutely no idea why or how it happened. I do not have any recovery disks, nor do I have the original hard drive installed. I will admit to being pretty ignorant when it comes to the configuration of a computer. I need some SERIOUS help...
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    bios password acer 4630Z

    how to get bios password of acer extensa 4630Z.. After Updating and restarting the Bios from 1.24 to 2.11 the bios asking for a password.. someone please help me!!!..
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    Acer won't work. Only flashing cursor on black screen.

    My acer extensa just wont do anything. When I turn it on I get a black screen with flashing cursor. I've trying holding alt and F10, doesn't work to restore my system. I can only access the setup page which doesn't help. Can someone please help.
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    factory restore password

    my son downloaded alot of useless things on my acer extensa 5235 laptop and it would not work properly at all,it kept crashing constantly.i clicked on factory restore and now its asking me for a password and i do not know it.please please help me if you can :( x
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    old laptop uses

    so I have an old extensa 4420 and an old hp wide screen. the acer's mobo is fried and the hp's harddrive went. Is there anything I can do to combine the two? From the searches I've done, it appears that I'm better off scrapping them both, but I figured I'd ask before I did.
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    Acer Extensa 5630Z LCD cable

    Hello, everyone. My display had a red tint so I investigated. I discovered my LCD cable plug into the inverter had perished exposing bare wires. I have tried in vain to get a replacement. Acer doesn't have the part. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement please. Part number on cable is...
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    Free Acer Support

    I have a Acer Extensa 5235 and when I put it on it does'nt start up properly.It gets to the acer page then does'nt do anything else.It says press F12 or F2 but I have tried both of these and nothing.I have tried pressing F10 as a few forums have suggest this.My friend fixed this problem once(and...
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    Notebook and Laptop disassembly and hardware repair guide acer extensa 5220

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    Remove bios setup password acer extensa 4620

    remove bios setup password acer extensa 4620
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    Backdoor password acer extensa 5620/5220 series model no ms2205

    I need backdoor password for acer extensa 5620/5220 series model# ms2205
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    Bios passwort vergessen laptop acer Extensa 5220

    Ich habe mein Passwort vergessen ich komme nicht ins Bios rein um neu zu Instalieren
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    Acer Extensa 5230 Fan comes on then quits

    My wifes Acer Extensa 5230 Fan comes on when you turn on the computer then quits after less than 10 seconds. It does not come on when the temperature starts to rise ie. still not on at 45deg C. Yesterday she was using the laptop and heard the fan stop. I tried cleaning out the heat exchanger...
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    [Solved] Acer extensa 4230 bios password

    hello I forgot my Acer notebook's bios password. please help me how can i recovery it.thank you
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    Acer extensa 4230 bios password

    acer extensa 4230 bios password?
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    Extensa 5620G - Laptop Screen black, but displays to external monitor

    Hi, I'm a newbie here so please bear with me. I have an Acer Extensa 5620G with a black screen. It displays perfectly to an external monitor. I have changed the screen for a new one but the same result I have changed the Screen Cable for a new one and the inverter but with the same result, I...
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    Hp power cord extensa

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    Acer extensa 5235 bios passwprd

    Our 14 year old son has a Acer laptop and has had it up and running once, however he tried to get back into it and can not, how do we reset the password, as he can not remember what he put it in as? Thanks Heather Collins
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    Upgrage cpu for Acer extensa 5630-4250

    HI I have an old Acer extensa 5630-4250 running A pentium dual core t3200 whats the best cpu t can use?
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    How to unlock bios password in acer extensa 4620 laptop

    i want to remove bios password in acer extensa 4620 laptop
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    Power jack melting on acer extensa 5235

    hi my battery is dead on my lap top acer extensa 5235 so i have to have mains plugged in all time well ive just noticed my power jack is melting round the in put of charger
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    Extensa 5235 won't boot to windows...

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! I am at my absolute wits end with my Acer laptop, firstly I managed to break the screen, but that's fine now I see prices of replacement screens have come down quite considerably! However in the meantime, it won't now boot to Windows (Win 7 OS) at all. All it does is say...
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    Acer extensa 4230 power problem

    adapatar plug in not power on
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    My acer laptop extensa 5620 shuts down ocassionally to prevent damage to hard dr

    my acer laptop extensa 5620 shuts down ocassionally to prevent damage to hard drive. please what can i do to prevent damage to the hard drive.
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    Acer Extensa 5235

    Hello, How do I restore this laptop back to factory settings?
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    ACER Extensa 5620Z

    When I try to play CD' s on ny laptop they all sound like the Chipmunks. How do I fix this?
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    Remove Bios Password for Acer Extensa 4130

    Hello, pls how can i Clear Bios Password for Acer Extensa 4130?
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    My acer extensa 5220 says one of the USB devices attached to this computer has m

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    Backdoor password acer extensa 5235

    i brought laptop 4 months ago my girl friend locked it with a hdd password and forgot the password how do i bypass it or recover it? its a acer extensa 5235 series on windows 7, please help we need the photos off it dont wont to lose the
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    Acer extensa 4230 not booting continously

    Hello, i have a problem w/ my extensa 4230 laptop. booting is upto windows vista logo only and returned back to the choice of safe mode, return to best know config, windows boot normally & others...then after 30 seconds of counting it return back again.. please help me.. i am planing to...
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    Schemetic of the laptop

    Схемы (принципиальные) и сервис мануалы (по разборке) ноутбуков Acer http://depositfiles.com/files/i6xxwfotm Asus http://depositfiles.com/files/b22em15m1 Dell http://depositfiles.com/files/vqodkkvkv Toshiba http://depositfiles.com/files/lcpsi3byc HP...
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    Solved! Laptop extensa 5220 motherboard CMOS location

    I want to figure out the location of COMS at the motherboard laptop acer extenza 5220
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    Acer extensa 4630z problems

    acer extenza not powering on
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    Ethernet controllers

    Hello,how do you get the ethernet controller back up after a recovery on an Acer Extensa 4630z
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    Solved! Acer 5220

    does any body know why my new battery acer extensa which was charged and disvharged for being calibrated, could not be charged more again.The battery icon shows that ac adopter is connected but not charging!? The remain power is 0 and no more charging. Thanks