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  1. F

    Laptop freezes and fan starts working loudly

    My laptop freezes randomly and fan starts working loudly. This happens every 2 or 3 hours. I recently installed Fedora OS on my laptop and that's when problem started. After that I took my laptop to a service and they changed my hdd (hard drive). Anyway, after that I installed Fedora again and...
  2. W

    No HDMI sound Dell l702x Fedora 24 Dual Monitors

    Hello all, There's sound on the notebook, use dual monitors, Alsamixer on F6 selected driver on card, levels appear to be working ok, and on volume control, it detects signal to the slide meters, and shows signal at that level ok, but no detection of HDMI hardware, says unplugged!!. Fedora is...
  3. G

    How to flash firmware Lenovo y50-70 to disable secureboot

    Hello In a couple of weeks I want to install fedora 24 on my Lenovo y50-70, but I don't want to have problems again with secureboot. I have asked this question on the Lenovo forum, but that forum is kinda slow and they didn't gave me an answer. The problem I had when I installed fedora 23 (or...
  4. B

    Linux on budget

    Ok guys, I'm looking for a laptop that will run fedora 23 and all its... stuff (I'd guess you say). I'm on a budget of $300 and I live in Australia. Thanks! :)
  5. A

    Is there a difference between ISO file and bootable ISO file

    I'm thinking of installing fedora 14 in an old computer and friend gave me some fedora files. From the look of it seems like files were extracted from a dvd so i made iso file using software called Magic ISO. 1.Before writing ISO to a dvd 2. i notice that there is a option called load...
  6. rocknrollz

    Laptop won't boot;No bios options. Dead?

    So I was trying to install Fedora on an old laptop, and after the fedora installation failed I restarted the computer to try again, just to find the computer not giving me boot/bio options. I thought it was the HD, but it won't boot from USB/CD either. The weirdest thing is that it does not...
  7. L

    Dual linux live from usb hdd

    Hello, how can I boot Linux Ubuntu & Fedora from one USB HDD, it like selecting Ubuntu or Fedora *_*
  8. A

    Buying DELL laptop

    Hello,i am a student . i would need fedora and other software .i like gaming too.will studio14 be good for me?it should be priced within 50k
  9. K

    Solved! I3/i5 compatible linux

    Is Fedora or Ubuntu linux 100% working on i5 450M/430M & i3 330M/350M???
  10. Negar

    SONY VAIO laptop

    Is there any problem to install Linux Fedora (7-10) on SONY VAIO Laptops (for example VGN SR490DDB)? If it's ok, How about besides Windows XP or other OS ?
  11. G

    Need sound help -> Fedora Core 3 on Gateway Solo 9100

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Has anyone out there been able to get sound working on a Gateway Solo 9100 running Fedora Core 3? For audio it has a Yamaha 715/704 chipset (opl3-sax). I've tried every tip I've read going through the USENET archives and nothing has worked...