How to flash firmware Lenovo y50-70 to disable secureboot


Jun 3, 2016

In a couple of weeks I want to install fedora 24 on my Lenovo y50-70, but I don't want to have problems again with secureboot. I have asked this question on the Lenovo forum, but that forum is kinda slow and they didn't gave me an answer. The problem I had when I installed fedora 23 (or any other Linux) is that I can't put off secureboot, every time I disable secureboot in BIOS it automatically sets it back to enable (I save of course) so I installed fedora 23 with secureboot, the problems were slow start-ups and a lot of problems with virtualization (the problem is secureboot, I have enabled virtualization in BIOS). I know now how to fix virtualization with secureboot, so that's not my question.

My question is could I flash the firmware to something different where secureboot is off or not there? Or anyone has a solution how I can put off secureboot completely?

A second question is do I lose performance when I don't install my OS in UEFI? So in BIOS mode. I have read some articles some say not, some say it depends.

Thank you for reading my post