No HDMI sound Dell l702x Fedora 24 Dual Monitors

Jul 17, 2016
Hello all, There's sound on the notebook, use dual monitors, Alsamixer on F6 selected driver on card, levels appear to be working ok, and on volume control, it detects signal to the slide meters, and shows signal at that level ok, but no detection of HDMI hardware, says unplugged!!. Fedora is updated, but no HDMI sound--appears to need source code to port over sound to the HDMI. HDMI video works fine. The Intel audio chip is working. Can anyone help?
OK, question, is it no sound at all (on the notebook itself) or no sound with the second monitor? If it is the latter, then I would ask, does the second monitor have speakers? If no, well there is your problem. If it does, then it may just be a driver issue. Have you tried running diagnostics on it to see if the problem is drivers? Also have you run a hardware install or just plugged it in? If it is the second option, then you might want to have the device search for new hardware and allow for it to help you get it installed correctly. Not everything is plug-and-play. Especially when doing something out of the norm, like running more than one monitor.

Also, not all devices can run a second monitor or run it correctly/without issue. This could be the problem as well.