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  1. Charan2403

    Question Can MSI GL65 9SEK Support Extended dual monitors? ( Urgent Need help)

    I have a single monitor connected through an HDMI port to my MSI GL65 9SEK laptop. I wanted a second monitor so as to work on more space. So I bought a second monitor and a USB C to HDMI adapter. unfortunately, the USB C in the Laptop doesn't support Video it seems as if both monitors did not...
  2. M3TAGH0ST

    Solved! Dual monitor setup on a laptop

    Hello I have an Asus vivobook x571lh-al084 and I was wondering how can I setup two external monitors on that laptop. Bought myself a Docking Station Hama Multiport, 5 Ports, HDMI, LAN, USB Type-C but either I have driver issues or something else because my second monitor that goes in that...
  3. J

    Solved! How can I play sound at the same both from my laptop and my extended monitor I connected with HDMI cable?

    Hi, I've connected my Asus monitor Model:VG245H to my Samsung notebook laptop using an HDMI cable to use the monitor as an extended screen. I'm currently watching a movie on my laptop and a Youtube video is playing on the monitor where my little brother is watching. There's a sound on my laptop...
  4. D

    Secondary Monitor Help Needed

    So i'm using two monitors, A SHARP TV as my primary monitor (which works perfectly), and a secondary Dell P1913 1440 x 900 Monitor (DVI). My main monitor successfully uses my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, but the Dell monitor defaults to Intel HD Graphics and wont let me select the GTX. I tried...
  5. C

    VLC Media PLayer Across Dual Monitors

    So guys, I have now received two 27 inch curved monitor and I would like to span my movie across two screen. Please give me a simple 1, 2, 3 step-by-step guide. All of the other information that I could find online seems to be pretty old or outdated. I'm trying to do this on VLC media player and...
  6. A

    2 Vga monitors but one hdmi port

    So I have a laptop that only has one hdmi port and 2 monitors, one monitor has only vga and the other has vga and dvi ports. I would like to have a dual monitor set up, so what is the best way to connect both?
  7. W

    Need Help With Speaker Configuration Help!!!

    I am going to buy a pair of speaker for my desk set up. The Razer Nommo base edition to be exact. I have a dual monitor set up where one I have connected to my ps4 and I use both for my pc when the ps4 is not in use(btw they're dell s231hn monitors). So I was wondering if there was a way where...
  8. F

    How to connect built-in speakers from dual monitors via DVI and VGA?

    I have two monitors (Acer GF276 Abmipx) that has built-in speakers. The back of the monitors have: - 3.5mm jack for line-in - 3.5mm jack for headphones I have an audio splitter. How to I make this work? I tried: - connect aux cords from headphone jack on monitors to splitter - connect...
  9. P

    Dual Monitor Sound Setup (PC & XBOX)

    I have recently started using a dual monitor setup and prior to this I just connected my PC and Xbox to my monitor via HDMI and then connected my speakers to the monitor directly using a 3.5 AUX Cable and that gave me sound on both devices. There will be times when both monitors will be on for...
  10. A

    Cleanest dual monitor audio setup with multiple gaming systems

    I have 2 LG 27UD68-P monitors hooked up to a PC, ps3, ps4, and SNES classic. The PC is obviously plugged into both, and one monitor has 1 system, while the other has the remaining 2. I mainly have this setup to play console games on one monitor, with guides for japanese menus on the other...
  11. D

    Tried to setup dual monitors on a Lenovo X270. Now we get a blank screen shortly after startup

    Daughter tried to set up dual monitors on a Lenovo X270 running Windows 7 Enterprise. I do not know exactly what occurred. Presumably she went through and recognised the other monitor. She says she dragged the laptop screen across to the other monitor, but it did not appear on the other screen...
  12. D

    I would like to connect dual monitors but I only have 1 HDMI port and no other obvious types of display ports.

    Since I have only 1 HDMI port am I limited to only 1 external monitor? I have a Type-C port but I have not been able to determine if it supports display output. My laptop does not have any VGA, Display Ports, or Mini Display Ports. Could I tell by checking device manager? The specs I have for...
  13. R

    Dual monitor pc

    I have a dual monitor (actually both HDTV's) setup, everything was working fine. Now i bought a new TV to replace the primary. I use the primary for gaming and the second for streaming videos. Now when a game launches into fullscreen mode, it moves the browser window on the secondary up and to...
  14. T

    Solved! XPS 13 9350 doesn't output a resolution higher than 1920x1080, even though 2k monitor is set as 'only screen'

    Hi, For my XPS 13 9350 (1920x1080 resolution version), I bought Dell's USB-C adapter that allows me to connect an external monitor using HDMI. The purpose of this dongle is to connect the XPS 13 to my 2k Asus monitor over HDMI. Although I have set '2nd screen only' when "projecting" in Windows...
  15. A

    Can I still use the dual 144hz monitor

    I have a 1070 with of course only has one dvi and the 144hz monitors I have need the hdmi and dvi to get the full 144hz and with this I can only run 144hz on one and 60 on the other. Is there any other way to doing this besides getting a second gpu and still have both using the full 144hz?
  16. J

    How to get HDMI audio to dual monitors

    I have an HP Elitebook, docked in it's appropriate docking station. Connected to the docking station I have two DisplayPort -> HDMI cables, connected to a pair of HP Envy 27" monitors, with built in speakers in both. Display experience is awesome. But I can't get audio to play from both...
  17. A

    External Monitor For Gaming Help

    Hi there folks! I've been looking into getting purchasing an external monitor for gaming. I would be using my laptop screen and an external monitor as a dual monitor setup. One of the monitors would be for the game itself while the other would be used for streaming, browsing the web, etc. I do...
  18. M

    Dual Monitor knocks out sound on Dell XPS Sound

    The moment I plug in my HDMI second monitor I don't get any sound. I have a regular monitor plugged into the port -YES Have I rebooted -YES In the sound settings is the Dell ST2410 speakers set to default -YES Have a switched the identical monitors connection -YES Did it make a difference -NO...
  19. P

    Dual Monitor Audio Questions

    I have recently built my first PC, and have found myself with a dual monitor setup. One is a tv screen technically, but ive connected it with HDMI and im looking to use it for TV and streaming games. Problem is, the audio really only wants to come through one source at a time. I have extended...
  20. Shindouz Hirono

    Dual monitor setup audio question

    Hi forumites, First of all, I'm not a really techy kind of person. I just need an answer in simple terms that I can grasp easily. I have 2 monitors hooked up to one desktop. Monitor 1 - Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor 27" Monitor 2 - Hisense UHD Smart TV 50" Note: They both have internal...
  21. itsmekarak

    Sound Settings for Dual Monitors

    I just purchased two new ASUS VX238 monitors which come with internal speakers. I have connected the monitors to my pc via HDMI cable on one and DVI cable on the other. I connected the speakers of the monitors using a Y-cable connected to the audio jack on the back of my pc; connecting each of...
  22. K

    Solved! How do I turn on my laptop without using it's power button

    I want to set up dual monitors on my desk, and store my laptop under the desk (I already use a different keyboard/mouse). But to turn on the laptop you have to open it to access the power button. Is there a way to set it up to remotely turn on (I don't really want it permanently sleeping)...
  23. U

    Solved! Can I dual monitor with 2 55 inch TVs?

    Dual monitoring is possible, yes. It's easy to do as well. However, I had a question. I am currently using my 55 inch TV as my monitor using HDMI. I was wondering if I could add another and dual monitor with 2 55 inch TVs using HDMI. I currently have a GTX 1080 as my graphics card, and it does...
  24. A

    Dell laptop dual monitor with laptop monitor off, closed.

    Would like to attached dual monitors to my Dell Latitude 5570 and EXTEND. 5570 has one HDMI and one VGA. http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/latitude-e5570-laptop/pd Monitors have one VGA and one Display port. Processor is Intel Core i7-6600U Processor Base, AMD Radeon R7 M360, 2GB Discrete...
  25. P

    Dual Monitors for a Laptop with one hdmi port

    HI there. I need to connect my laptop to 2 monitors. I have only one HDMI port? Please help Paolo
  26. A

    Solved! Which laptop to buy for dual monitor support?

    Hello everyone, As I work on quite a few Excel sheets with quite fine-scale data, I am planning to buy a bigger monitor to connect to my laptop (through an HDMI cable). However, I am not sure if I should be using my existing laptop for it, as it was quite a basic laptop and I don't know if it'd...
  27. ccoo84

    Best Dual-Monitor Mouse Software

    Hi I've been using dual mouse setup and I wondering what software is the best to unlock mouse from game or lock it in a separate monitor?
  28. C

    I can only use dual-monitors when I enable Onchip VGA

    I could not figure out how to use dual monitors. I eventually found a post on here to do it with my integrated graphics. It works but only when my bios is set to Onchip VGA though My Specs are: PC Type: Desktop CPU: AMD FX 6300 3.5 GHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: GTX 950 2GB Overclocked Edition...
  29. G

    Is a dual monitor setup worth it with my laptop?

    Hello. I have a HP ENVY 17t-J100 with a Nvidia 740M and 1600x900 display. I think the screen on the laptop is terrible and has terrible color reproduction and viewing angles. I cant see many details in movies if it is just a tiny bit dark. I can't see other players in games very well...
  30. E

    Ultrabook with Dual Monitors

    Hello, Here are the answers to the questions: 1. What is your budget? - up to $1400 USD 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? - I'm thinking of an Ultrabook. 3. What screen resolution do you want? - 1920 x 1080 (more is okay) 4. Do you need a portable or desktop...
  31. T

    Can't stop Power Saver Mode with dual monitors

    Since installing Windows 10 from my previous windows 7 OS, I cant stop the power saver mode from activating. I am working on a Lenovo T530 laptop while in power cord mode. I have adjusted all the settings to "never", have tried to reset to defaults, have tried the advanced custom settings...
  32. W

    No HDMI sound Dell l702x Fedora 24 Dual Monitors

    Hello all, There's sound on the notebook, use dual monitors, Alsamixer on F6 selected driver on card, levels appear to be working ok, and on volume control, it detects signal to the slide meters, and shows signal at that level ok, but no detection of HDMI hardware, says unplugged!!. Fedora is...
  33. A

    Is my laptop capable of running dual monitors?

    I have HP Pavillion: Specs: i5 processor-6200U 8gb ram intel hd graphics 520 1TB I dont want the dual monitors affecting much of my PC so do I have to buy USB display adapters to run the dual monitors? I am planning on using my laptop to run two monitors but not the actual screen on the...
  34. D

    Pink tint on screen, only HDMI output.

    Booted up a game and everything has a pink tint on screen now. I use dual monitor setup one output hdmi and one DVI but only the hdmi monitor is pink. Reformatted still nothing. Never overclocked. Hdmi cable working and so is the monitor. Any ideas?
  35. J

    Dual Monitor HDMI Quit

    Until this weekend I was the cool user of a dual monitor setup on my Toshiba Satellite P55-A. System is running Windows 10 with HDMI playing video and audio to a small tv and DVI playing video to a monitor. It now appears that the HDMI port on the computer has shut down as it does not register...
  36. S

    Can I use two laptops as a dual monitor?

    right now i have windows 7 and windows 10 laptop. After updating my windows 7 to windows 10 (so now i have a windows 10 laptop and another windows 10 laptop) is it possible to use the two laptops as a dual monitor. Srry Im new to this. :(
  37. T

    Picking new PC

    Hi, everyone!!! need you guys help! Friend needs PC for fast tasks and media works. (microsoft words, sony vegas etc) if I were to spend $500-600, should I build it my own? or buy pre-built? he high prefers SSD. *he also uses dual monitors, should he consider picking out a graphic...
  38. R

    No Sound on TV When Streaming Through Desktop - Playback Device is Enabled!

    Hi I have read through many forums and still can't find a solution. Please help us! We have an HDMI hooked up from our desktop to TV and can see picture but do not get sound. We can see the Sony TV Intel(R) Display Audio icon in playback and have enabled it and it did not work. We have also...
  39. A

    My laptop doesnt have a VGA port. Can i still use dual monitors?

    I just bought a monitor off of a friend and i was hoping to set up dual monitors with the laptop i am using at the moment, but i then ran into the issue of, my laptop does not have a VGA port. Can i simply buy a converter/ adapter like a VGA female to USB or HDMI male?
  40. D

    HP EliteBook 8470p - Docking Station

    Hi All, I need to know if this docking station would work with an HP EliteBook 8440p? http://www.amazon.com/HP-EliteBook-HSTNN-I11X-581597-001-HSTNN-111X/dp/B00P6V05HQ#Ask I'll need to run dual monitors via the docking station...not sure if that matters.
  41. J

    How Can I Split My Monitors' Sound?

    I have a new dual monitor setup and would like to know how I can make sound come from each monitor separately. I currently run my monitors like this: Main monitor with hdmi to hdmi splitter, second monitor goes to a usb to vga converter. The hdmi splitter that the first monitor is plugged into...
  42. D

    How do I switch between laptop and PC with same monitor/peripheral setup?

    I have a dual monitor (HDMI) setup with USB connected mouse, keyboard, printer, and headset. I also have a 2.1 speaker system. I recently changed jobs and I now work from home. They gave me a small laptop (2014 Dell XPS 13 with no dock), but I would like to use my PC's current setup for my work...
  43. M

    860m Dual Monitor

    Hi, Looking to have a dual monitor setup with my Alienware 13. Don't want to daisy chain the DisplayPort as monitors with DP input and output are at a pretty high premium. Can I just hook up a hdmi cable to one output and a DP cable to the other (so that I'm using BOTH available outputs of the...
  44. yrralrellim

    Window Video dead?

    I have searched this forum (and others) and apparently my terminology is incorrect to find a cause and\or a solution. I am working on a hobby project ...... I have a Dell Latitude C640 - Windows 7 Ultimate - 40GB hdd - 2GB RAM. Everything was working fine for the past several days as I was...
  45. C

    AutoCad Power User Laptop Needed

    I understand that there is not a clear answer to the following question, but I am in the market for a new laptop that can handle extensive 3-D AutoCAD work. I'm not a brand guy and would consider any "brand" The AutoCAD website list a few recommended machines, but I'm not sure the review is...
  46. J

    Looking for a thunderbolt to 2 display port dual monitor solution. Please help, I am stumped.

    Hi, I am considering buying the a ASUS ROG G751JY-DB73X 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop, GeForce GTX 980M 4G. I like this computer because it has a great video card, overkill ram, and both a large ssd with a large internal storage, for a fair price. Here is the problem. I have 2 monitors (Dell...
  47. J

    Looking for a thunderbolt to 2 display port dual monitor solution. Please help, I am stumped.

    Hi, I am considering buying the a ASUS ROG G751JY-DB73X 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop, GeForce GTX 980M 4G. I like this computer because it has a great video card, overkill ram, and both a large ssd with a large internal storage, for a fair price. Here is the problem. I have 2 monitors (Dell...
  48. P

    Double Monitor Laptop - Second Monitor Detected but Not Displaying Image

    I'm using an Eluktro Pro15se Laptop (http://www.eluktronics.com/eluktro-pro15se-gaming-laptop) and I am having an incredibly hard time getting a second monitor up and running on it. I'm currently using a Samsung S23C350H as the second monitor. I connect the monitor to the laptop via HDMI and...
  49. S

    Black Screen on TV connected to PC via HDMI

    I've connected my computer with dual monitor setup to my Sceptre TV as a third monitor. But whenever i change inputs, turn on after my pc's has already been booted up, turning it back on after turning off, it goes into a black screen and i lose all controllability of the tv. My only solutions to...
  50. M

    Xion player has disappeared. I am screwed.

    Hey guys. I'm back. So, I use a free program called Xion. It's basically a music player that sits on the desktop, but doesn't behave like a window. It replicates a widget, same way the MSI Gaming app does. It's gone now. I can hear it playing music. I can't stop said music without closing the...
  51. M

    Dual Monitor, Dual Cursor

    I googled for two hours before giving up, here is my problem. I have a simple dual monitor setup, and I need to use to very similar programs simultaneously. For instance, if I click on program1 which is on one monitor2, it will simultaneously click on the other program2 which is on monitor2...
  52. A

    graphics card upgrade to dual monitor

    I have an AMD TC-120 and want dual monitor capability and wondered if a older radeon hd5050 sapphire would work its ddr3 pci-e
  53. D

    Desktop dual monitor problem

    I am running win xp on my desktop and I have dual monitors. The other day I unplugged one monitor without turning off my computer and since then, the monitor that i have designated as my secondary monitor to extend my desktop to has my icons on it everytime i reboot. I have tried to play with...
  54. D

    Dual monitor set up - no sound through external speakers

    Hello, i have a hp laptop(HDMI input) and a monitor from my old pc setup, a compaq q2009 monitor which only takes VGA input. I connected the two via a HDMI --> VGA converter and now i have a working dual monitor setup. Only problem is, i dont want sound coming out of my laptop speakers, which...
  55. J

    dual monitor on laptop

    Hello all, Thank you for viewing my post and helping me out with feedback. I just bought a laptop and trying to mirror my display with my desktop 22" monitors I can't really find any cables that split from hdmi to dual hdmi then getting cables from hdmi to vga. Any suggestions what might work...
  56. eodeo

    flash video problems on dual monitor in firefox

    I watch a lot of YouTube videos and Twitch streams in Firefox on two monitors. I tried Chrome and noticed that not only will Chrome not exit full screen when I click in the other screen, but will switch between full screen and embedded video much more smoothly and with no audio desync. It will...
  57. D

    Are these laptops good for HD video editing and dual monitors?

    I want a laptop that can handle editing HD videos - nothing too crazy. Maybe some color correction effects at most. I also want to be able to hook my laptop up to dual monitors somehow Are these two good for doing both of those things? Which one is better...
  58. F

    second monitors on laptops.

    Hi- I have an Acer timelineX 1810T which I'm running in dual monitor mode with a Dell 1908 monitor. I can't find specs on the IntelHD graphics card to figure out if I can go up to a 27" either 2560X1440 or 1920X1080 Any thoughts?
  59. G

    Dual monitor problem

    Hi, When i turned my computer on today my 2nd monitor was not recognized. Nothing was changed, moved or altered. I have been looking around for some solutions and I haven't found any yet. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could try. Thanks.
  60. C

    Dual Monitor Problems

    I would like to know if I can run dual monitors one off of my GPU and one off my integrated graphics. Anyone got a clue?