Cleanest dual monitor audio setup with multiple gaming systems

Apr 14, 2018
I have 2 LG 27UD68-P monitors hooked up to a PC, ps3, ps4, and SNES classic. The PC is obviously plugged into both, and one monitor has 1 system, while the other has the remaining 2.
I mainly have this setup to play console games on one monitor, with guides for japanese menus on the other.

What is the cleanest audio solution to have sound in either screen at any time? Plugging in speakers to each would be simple, but unless I use sound bars, my desk will be cluttered with speakers. I want decent quality sound, and I'm not trying to play sound simultaneously. I just want to have sound when I play my ps3, or sound when I play my ps4.

I'm not familiar with any of this, so my questions may seem stupid. Could 1 soundbar connect to both monitors? Do I need 2 soundbars? Would you recommend any other speakers? Any set of single speakers would be fine. Just didn't want 4 on my desk. I saw a $22 soundbar at walmart specifically for monitors, but I didn't want to throw $44 at something that is going to sound terrible. I'd rather spend $200 on something decent.

If its better, is there a speaker - or hub of some sort - that I can hook all of the systems into for sound? Would they conflict with the HDMI trying to send sound to the monitor? And if I did that, could I easily choose which system the sound comes from when multiple are on?

You can ignore anything that doesn't make sense and just give advice if you have any. Thanks
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