Tried to setup dual monitors on a Lenovo X270. Now we get a blank screen shortly after startup

May 4, 2018
Daughter tried to set up dual monitors on a Lenovo X270 running Windows 7 Enterprise.

I do not know exactly what occurred. Presumably she went through and recognised the other monitor. She says she dragged the laptop screen across to the other monitor, but it did not appear on the other screen and both screens went blank.

Now on startup, the windows 7 logo appears on the laptop, but shortly after that the screen goes blank nothing shows on either monitor.

Pressing the FN & F7 keys for the dual display does not work.

I can access the various safe modes, BIOS (and changed settings, such as delaying the boot to allow the system to recognise the monitor). None of which worked, other than I can use the other monitor connected via HDMI when in BIOS or SAFE MODE.

I do not see the ability to change the dual display back to original settings whilst in SAFE mode.

I note that an option for dual monitors is "second screen only". I am thinking that she may selected this option, but did not get the second monitor correctly recognised?

Anyway, she can just give it back to her IT people to have them wave the magic wand (restore, re-install etc.) but we are trying to avoid that..and perhaps learn something along the way too.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Many thanks.