Question My Lenovo G580 keeps going to BIOS setup menu loop after upgradinv RAM with same type RAM module


Apr 23, 2015
I have an old Lenovo G580 working well but slow. I decided to upgrade RAM - had a RAM take from another PC - being same type as exisiting 2GB, but of 4GB, which I added into the 2nd mem slot after removing battery. However thereafter it us not loading into Windows 10 as per normal start, but keeps going to the BIOS Setup screen. I could boot using a USB windows drive getting into command prompt etc., but unable to repair the boot drive MBR on the hdd. The RAM is checked (on AOMEI) & the HDD seems fine on Chkdsk. I have not taken my HDD data backup so bit afraid to reload windows on the HDD lest data is ovrrwritten Can someone duggest wsy forward. Thanjs a lot